Black zodiac signs

Black zodiac signs

Black zodiac signs are the dark side version of a standard zodiac. All twelve signs of the zodiac are represented in the black zodiac. Their definitions illustrate the baser side an individual’s character, the darker urges that are overlooked in traditional astrology. The movie 13 ghosts created a black zodiac to reflect the personality of each ghost.

Aries – the selfish king represents Aries and is ruled by Marduk the Mesopotamia god. The selfish king rules in order to receive all victories for himself. The selfish king hates the ravening dog. Characteristics are arrogance, selfishness.

Taurus- the slain demon is ruled by Kingu. With his demonic blood Marduk created mankind. The slain demon inflates the truth to gain the upper hand. The slain demon hates the scorpion man. Characteristics are malice, remorseful and braggart.

Gemini- the viper wields its venom twofold. Vipers enjoy watching a slow, painful death. The viper kills with words as well as venom. The viper hates the hurricane. Characteristics are sociopath, venomous words.

Cancer- the snake- often underestimated the belly crawling snake takes advantage of others. The snake coils around the other signs and squeezes the life from them. The snake hates the fish man. Characteristics are deceit, treachery.

Leo – the lady of battles, the female head of Lakhamu. Warrior goddess for evil. The lady of battles is the queen of Satan lording evil over her kingdom. The lady of battles hates the horned beast. Characteristics are murderous, pride.

Virgo- the whirlwind represents the strong winds of fury. Wrath from the whirlwind is directed toward all. The whirlwind destroys out of ignorant will toward anything/anyone it its path. The whirlwind hates the weapon Characteristics are aggravation, hypocritical.

Libra – the ravening dog represents the number 666. Attacks first questions later. The ravening dog is rabid and will attack viscously anyone near him. The ravening dog hates the selfish king. Characteristics are insanity, accusative.

Scorpio -The scorpion man is suspicious and deadly. The sting causes a tortuous death. The scorpion holds grudges then attacks at the weakest moment of his opponent. The scorpion man hates the slain demon. Characteristics are sinful,abusive.

Sagittarius – The Hurricane represents blind destruction. Withholds emotion until it erupts. The hurricane’s reckless destruction is directed toward those hated, which is most people. The hurricane hates the viper. Characteristics are destructive, no conscience.

Capricorn- The Fish Man represents the blood-sucking leech. Gains power from others. The fish man’s cunning allows him to steal while sucking the strength of the other signs. The fish man hates the snake. Characteristics are parasitic, dangerously powerful.

Aquarius – The Horned Beast is abusive and controlling to those dear to him. The horned beast only shows the side of his personality to gain complete control of his minion. Multiple personalities used to manipulate. The horned beast hates the lady of battles. Characteristics are confusing, manipulative.

Pisces – The Weapon is blinded by anger. Yields weaponry for evil. The weapon is withheld until the easy way out no longer works. The weapon hates the whirlwind. Characteristics are impulsiveness, narrow-minded.

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  1. Leigh-Anne on January 19th, 2011 3:22 pm

    Where is the thirteenth? There are thirteen moons, so thirteen signs. Where is the last?

  2. Claudia8Thorn on September 1st, 2012 2:49 pm

    The normal Zodiac has symbols for each character. What are the Black Zodiac’s symbols? Thanks for posting.

  3. on February 6th, 2013 5:15 am

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  4. Kate on August 13th, 2014 8:25 pm

    WOW! scarily accurate for Cancer….my former partner was one and this describes him to a tee;narcissistic,parasitic,treacherous,duplicitous,devoid of empathy and self-serving at all times.I had never heard of the Black Zodiac ’til today;many thnaks for this interesting and thought-provoking post 🙂

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