Eastern and Western Astrology

Eastern and Western Astrology

Eastern and western astrology have two different points of view. Both are represented by twelve ruling forces. Eastern astrology has twelve animals while western astrology has twelve signs of the zodiac. The difference between the twelve influences is that in eastern astrology, one animal represents one calendar year, while western astrology the zodiac sign changes monthly.

Eastern astrology is associated with the Chinese astrology of twelve animals, rat, ox, sheep, horse, dog, serpent, tiger, rooster, dragon, sheep, monkey, and rabbit. Western astrology is represented by the signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. In eastern astrology, the twelve animals represent the animals that appeared to Buddha on his deathbed, as a reward he immortalized them.

Their order is ranked by the animals that arrived at the river with rat being the first animal and boar (pig) being the last. In addition to the twelve animals, five elements influence an animal’s trait. Earth, water, metal, wood, and fire attach traits to the animal during that year. A metal ox will have a completely different personality than an earth ox. The calendar rotates every sixty years. In western astrology there are three influences over the zodiac signs, fixed, cardinal and mutable.

Western astrology is interpreted from the constellations. These constellations were derived from ancient Roman or Hellenistic astrology. A person is designated with traits at birth by the alignment of the stars, time, date and place. Rising (ascendant) signs are important as well. This detailed analysis is called a natal chart, and depending on the specifics of the location of planets and stars will determine the personality, fate, affinities and compatibilities of the individual. In eastern astrology, the approach is to provide the best possible environment for luck, prosperity and good health. Eastern astrology considers the force of chi and the steps needed to assure it flows abundantly.

The eastern astrology does not place such an emphasis on predetermined traits at birth, although they do stress certain characteristics by what animal an individual is born under. In eastern astrology, the individual is responsible to understand their basic nature, apply the philosophies (yin-yang) of chi, then use that knowledge to create the best possible year under the rule of the animal representing that year. They also consider Feng shui’s influence of an individual by associating their animal year with a special lucky number called Kua. Use of this number determines the best possible direction an individual must follow to allow the most abundance and harmony to circulate.

A trend in using eastern and western astrology as a tool for guidance is to blend the two philosophies for an individual into one comprehensive report. Instead of following east or west, it is now common to take into consideration both schools of thought that list the Chinese animal, element, and then add the influences of the zodiac (natal chart). The analysis will give an in-depth overview and detailed prediction for the coming year. The result is a blend of east meets west.

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  1. Anonymous on January 14th, 2011 12:37 pm

    This entire article is incorrect.

  2. Dale on August 23rd, 2011 10:30 pm

    Dear sir/Madam, I chanced upon this site -and it did arouse some questions. Those being, I was born 23rd December, 1945. Think that makes me a Wood Rooster in Eastern Philosophy. I have a problem with western astrology to point that as a cusp sign, (no idea what my birth details are as my records sealed when at 27 months of age, I was adopted – so no idea time etc.) I seemed to be a Capricorn character as a youngster and still consider I have many of the given characteristics; but sometimes notice the sag ones too. Anyhow, while I go along with the charastics as described in many books, I am not really that sure about ‘predictions’. But that is not my problem – like what is the correct east/west match for me ? (aware Ox, Snake, Rooster great business team) but as a life’s partner …. I have had conflicting suggestions, much of which I feel is not right or just codswollop. As in – type in Capricorn and get ‘ a good compatibility is Scorpio snake’/type in Sagitarius and get Aries Snake’ now type in Scorpio snake get advised PiscesDragon is best compatibility, type in Aries snake on other hand and you are told Gemini rooster the best. I can’t afford a reading (Aged pension only income, seems bank lost my superannuation in first global recession), Just reeling at ‘crap’ info. Write if you chose. Thanks.

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