List of tarot cards in a deck

List of tarot cards in a deck

Tarot cards are used to predict future events, advise, and counsel.
The tarot deck consists of 52 cards and is divided between major and minor arcana.
The major Arcana have twenty-two cards numbering from zero to twenty-one. The major Arcana of the Tarot deck are the stronger of the two divisions of Tarot cards. Their presence in a reading is significant.

The Tarot cards of the major Arcana are the fool (depending on the deck the fool is sometimes listed as number 22 or 0). The fool represents innocence magnified, lackadaisical events. The magician represents the number 1, new significant events, and great beginnings. The high priestess represents the number 2, feminine energy and serenity. The empress represents the number 3, fertility and abundance. The emperor represents the number 4, material wealth, and global power. The hierophant represents the number 5, spiritual growth and academia. The lovers represent the number 6, male/female balance and challenges. The chariot represents the number 7, hard work with significant results and triumph. The card strength represents the number 8, discipline over carnality and love’s strength. The hermit represents the number 9, knowledge through introspection and reserve. The wheel of fortune represents the number 10, serendipity for good and new series. The card of justice represents the number 11, all things legal and resolutions. The hanged man represents the number 12, upheaval and sudden change for the good. The card of death represents the number 13, transformation from endings and the death of old habits. The card of temperance represents the number 14, networking and adaptability. The devil represents the number 15, obsession and frustration. The tower represents the number 16, routine destroyed and freedom. The star represents the number 17, hope and rejuvenation. The moon represents the number 18, psychic impressions and moodiness. The sun represents the number 19, corporate success and happiness. The card of judgment represents the number 20, timing for positive change and clear thinking.
The card of the world represents the number 21, outside influences and summits.
The minor arcana of the Tarot are divided into four categories, wands, cups, swords and pentacles. They range in numbers 1-14

The suit of wands represents earthy, physical influences and should be read according to the degree the number weighs on the card with the ace of wands being the newest to the king of wands the highest achievement card. For example, the seven of wands would be read as the midpoint between the ace and king of wands. Its interpretation would be, efforts for achievement are recognized, space for a spiritual retreat, but summit has not been met yet.

The suit of cups represents emotions, learning from intuition rather than science. The cards range from ace of cups through the king of cups. The seven of cups would be read as handle on emotions, but is not ready to face worldly choices.

The suit of swords represents activity, outward results. The cards range from ace of swords through king of swords. The seven of swords represents events of outward focus without inner thought to actions.

The suite of pentacles represents material accomplishments with the possibility of spiritual loss. The seven of wands represents review of wealth without consideration of charity. Tarot cards are a tool for the diviner and their interpretations are read through the sum of all the cards.

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If I was luckily chosen to be one of the few to recieve the deck, I feel I would have adequate time to bond with the cards on a more personal level prior to recieving the companion book and being able to enforce or encorporate your own wonderful meanings and nuances with the cards.I would like to win the As Above deck from you because it would be my first non-systems based Tarot that I would own! As is has a Pagan and Wiccan theme to it, I feel I could much better adapt to it, as I have been studying and practicing the Pagan and Wiccan spiritual paths for a few years now. Raised a Protestant, growing up surrounded by Catholics, and realizing I didn’t believe in any form of Christianity really took a toll on my Spiritual life and nature. The discovery of Tarot is what prompted my discovery of Wicca, Paganism and Magick, and it seems quite fitting for me to work with a Tarot deck which resonates with these spiritual teachings. There are many Wiccan/Pagan decks on the market, but none of them have called to me as your Book of Shadows Tarot decks have. I’m still a-searching for that special deck that will speak to me. I am not a hoarder of decks, I only have a relatively small collection of the ones I have really taken a liking to and regardless of if I am chosen, your two Book of Shadows decks will be joining my collection (I can’t help but to hope for sooner, rather than having to wait until later!). =]I am intrigured by your Book of Shadows Tarot idea of the dual-deck production. This element of design really speaks to me, and is something I feel other Pagan/Wiccan based decks are lacking. Most of these decks either portray every-day life events for the particular spirituality or purely spiritual qualities. The ones that incorporate both, do not have an appropriate balance. Your remedy of having the As Above deck depicting the Spiritual, and the As Below deck depicting the Physical gives the spiritual path a much needed balance!Your idea behind the Courts is also very innovative and still complete. Some Wiccan/Pagan decks leave the Courts at Maiden, Mother and Crone, eliminating the Page/Princess. With your inclusion of the Elemental as the Page/Princess, the standard of 4 Court Cards per suit remains while still keeping the Threefold aspects of the Triple Goddess intact! I would love to have an early chance to work with such a new and complete way of working with the Pagan/Wiccan themed Court Cards! I can only imagine how many doorways and links the new presentation will achieve.I also love that your As Above deck has the inclusion of the Sabbats! I cannot say I’ve seen such a direct link to the Pagan and Wiccan Celebrations of the Wheel of the Year included in any Pagan/Wiccan themed decks thus far. I cannot wait to see how you mix the traditional major arcana themes into the themes of our Sabbats!I wish to have your As Above deck before it’s release due to the art-work I’ve seen thus far. I cannot say I’ve ever seen a multi-artist deck that has ever appealed to me. I find that the cards I’ve seen of your As Above creation have a definite unity and harmony that the multi-artists decks I’ve seen definately lack. I feel that with you working with multiple artists will really allow their strengths to shine, and diminish the chance of them reaching for inspiration. Everyone has seen decks where some of the images are perfectly wonderful, to flip through the deck and find some cards are complete duds! I’m excited to see what new meaning can be brought to Pagan and Wiccan spiritual teachings through these multiple artists interpretations. Not only this, but the style of the artwork I have seen I find highly impressive. The cards imagry seems perfectly balanced with light and shadow. There is a happy and estatic feeling, mixed with a somber seriousness. Most spiritual decks are either bogged down with heavy serious images, or are lifted up unrealisticaly with an everything is wonderful glow. The cards from the As Above deck seem to have the depth of duality that other spiritual decks are missing. Getting ahold of this deck would provide a much needed balance to my readings!Finally, I must note that yoir Steampunk Tarot did not intrigue me from what I had seen of it online. When I saw it in store, it called to me, and I responded by purchasing it. Upon physical evaluation of your Steampunk Tarot, I found that I liked it much more than I thought, and your well authored companion book really brought life to the Cards imagry! I cannot wait for the release of your Book of Shadows Tarot decks, as the As Above is really pulling at my heart-strings, and I would love to get a copy prior to the release to see how much more it has to offer from what I’ve seen online!Thank you for giving your followers a chance to win copies of your unreleased As Above Book of Shadows Tarot. It’s really nice to see authors and creators give back to their fans! Enjoy your multiple responses from your fans. Be well & Blessed be!

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