How To Read Your Future With Playing Cards

How To Read Your Future With Playing CardsYou can read your future with a simple deck of playing cards. This practice is called ‘Cartomacy’. The four suits of a deck of regular playing cards are divined from Tarot. Clubs represent wands/ambitions, diamonds represent pentacles/material wealth, spades represent swords/ action, and hearts represent cups/emotions.

Reading your future with playing cards is actually simpler than Tarot or Runes. The Tarot or Rune cards are highly technical in their set up. With a regular deck of playing cards the detail will not distract a novice reader. If a beginner pulls out the card Ace of Spades from the deck, they can focus on Ace, which is read as the number one, and Spades, which represents action. This would tell the reader that something is in the beginning stages represented by the number one and it will take hard work to reach their goal represented by the suit of Spades.

A spread is required. Playing card spreads can range from a one card spread to as many as twenty. The broader the question, the more playing cards are needed to read the answer. The two most common spreads are the one card spread and the two-card spread.
The one card spread is used for a tightly focused question. Is he faithful versus how will my marriage evolve. The first one is a yes or no question while the second one entails topics that are esoteric. To perform a one card spread to read your future with playing cards give the card deck to the person asking the question, have them shuffle the cards, cut them and hand them to the reader. Remove the top card. That card is the answer to the question the person wants answered. If the question was “Does my boyfriend love me?” and the four of hearts was pulled from the deck the answer is yes. The suit of hearts represents emotions and the number four represents deep thought, transition, and consideration. This would tell the reader that the boyfriend has made a commitment, he still wants more to think about it, but he considers the relationship serious.

The other spread is the three-card spread. This spread is more advanced than the one card spread, but it reveals more information. Repeat the shuffling process mentioned in the one card spread then have the individual separate the cards in three separate piles. The top card on each pile is turned over. These cards represent past, present and future. Let’s say the cards were turned over as follows: Ace of Diamonds, Five of Cups, Eight of Diamonds and the questioned posed was “Will I be rich?” The playing cards are read as follows: Ace of Diamonds (past) -great beginning, potential, solid placement. Five of Cups (present)-Material prosperity/spiritual poverty, Family influence is negative, hard times. Eight of Diamonds (future)-Financial success after much sacrifice.

Reading your future with a deck of playing cards is an easy, fun way to entertain or it can be used as a serious consideration of life choices.

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