Rh negative and psychic ability

Rh negative and psychic ability

Individuals with rh negative are believed to possess greater psychic abilities. The supernatural ability is given to rh-negative individuals as a condition of their blood factor. Rh negative individuals are more attuned to psychic awareness because it is believed that they posses a genetic factor apart from this world that they were descended from a crossbreed of human and a kind of cosmic astronaut.

In its barest sense, an alien life force, the result is a human with extra sensory power that lends itself to psychic ability. Rh-positive individuals are not as psychic because they are descended from rhesus monkeys that have only the positive factor and no link to the cosmic influence.

Genetics cannot explain rh-negative factor, as genes are hereditary, although some theories state that the Rh factor was a mutation and was then passed on. This theory has no precedent in fact. Yet, there is no definitive proof of where the negative Rh factor originated.

Interest has been shown on studies of Basque people, they are a group of people that have the highest percentage of rh factors. They have a unique language and culture that is not common with similar cultures of Europe and Spain. Their percentage of rh-negative factor is highest even in their recessive gene. They are believed to be descended directly from an outside source and that is the reason their culture; language and blood are distinct from other human beings. The alien force colonized with the Basque people, interbred and left the planet.

It is a genetic fact that the rh-positive factor exists in the rhesus monkey. The theory states that man is evolved from primates. There is no presence of the rh-negative factor in primates.

The genetic argument is further proven by the Rh factor incompatibility. Mothers who are rh negative must have a blood transfusion if their unborn child has an rh-positive factor. The antibodies of the mother will reject the unborn child. This phenomenon appears in donkeys and horses when they are crossbred. Since donkeys and horses do not breed in the natural environment they are not supposed to produce offspring.

The question becomes, because of this are rh-negative factor are individuals more psychic because of this outer world link?

Blood type is a scientific certainty. It is tested and proven without fail. Logic would dictate that if aliens held ability outside the realm of physical knowledge, it exits and could be tested, but psychic ability is not a hard and fast proof. Degrees of psychic ability range between individuals. To prove that psychic ability has precedence in one blood factor has limitations in proving psychic ability in any individual. The sense cannot be measured with scientific certainty.

Rh-negative blood has been associated with an alien force and even the theory that rh-negative people have been descended from a reptilian alien. Theories on Rh factor origins continue to evolve, but the proof that they carry more psychic ability than their rh-positive brothers has yet to be determined.

In valleys of Tibet and Mongolia there is a special berry that the locals use and cherish so much that they honor it in special celebrations that last two weeks each year. It is well documented that many people in those areas live free of common diseases and for well over a hundred years. Click here to learn more.

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247 Responses to “Rh negative and psychic ability”

  1. Lee on March 31st, 2009 5:59 am

    Its my opinion that the proof has been around for a long time but witheld in order to make monkeys out of the masses

  2. Destiny on April 30th, 2009 3:54 pm

    Hi Lee,

    Interesting point. Any other opinions about this by other Divine Answers followers would be most welcome. :)


  3. casie on July 15th, 2009 7:33 am

    i’m rh-!

  4. sailesh on October 6th, 2009 2:33 am

    rh negative blood is just an normal human blood with lack of some proteins that protects the RBC in blood and these Protein deficiencies may easily invite HDN dieases or other wise called rhesus dieases……….it is definitely not an out of world science………..

    I agree we are decendants of monkey family……..and the monkeys never had rh negative blood group.

    But it might have developed as an result of some genetic disorders which the early generations would have inherited.

  5. Eva on November 3rd, 2009 2:19 pm

    Very interesting :-) I am RH- 0

  6. Sandra Barr on December 8th, 2009 4:39 am

    I am O-, and I do seem to tick most of the boxes for the typical RH-. I have low b/p and pulse, psychic and telepathic abilities, and I do natural healing work.
    From early childhood, I have felt like an alien, and that this planet is not my home.
    About a year ago, I stumbled across something about RH- and the connection to the annukuni and aliens, and I have been looking into it since.
    I asked my doctor about it, he is also O-, he says that medical science says it is a mutation, but he could not give me any evidence to back that up.
    Here is a list of traits that are supposedly common with RH-,
    Low pulse,
    Low blood pressure
    piercing eyes
    A sence of not belonging to the human race
    para normal occurances
    extra rib, or verabrea
    UFO connection (most people who claim to have been abducted were RH-)
    love of space and science
    physic dreams
    desire for higher wisdom
    empathetic illnesses
    deep compassion for the fate of mankind
    a sence of a mission in life
    unexplained scars on the body
    capability to disrupt electrical appliences
    alien contacts

    I cannot speak for all RH negatives, but I tick all of these boxes bar two!
    BTW, my screen name on many websites is Truthseeker!

  7. kendra on January 3rd, 2010 11:13 pm

    omgosh! ok yea some of this sounds like me. i found out i was rh negative in 2005 i was like 17 ish and it seems that im not in the best of health.after so long with not feeling well i thought maybe i could find answers if i knew more abot my blood type so i have looked up somethings but the most amazing find wasnt about my health, but about psychic abilitys.i have seen spirits and other paranormal things as a child and as i have gotten older i have more dreams and thoughts of people and places and in most cases within the week i see the person or have the dream really happen in real life. the strangest one was just the other day for some reason i brought up a situation that happend yrs back when my husbands ex girlfriend had called our apt wanting to talk to him.of course i wasnt happy about it and since then we havent talked about it cuz it causes upset,so all of a sudden for no reason i replayed it all back in my head and it kept going and going i couldnt stop thinking about it to the point i just said something to my husband about it.then the very next day this girl texted his phone and its the ex!!! mind u she lives and has lived states was soooo unreal, it scared me. this happends often and it just feels crazy.

  8. tracy tate on February 23rd, 2010 6:06 am

    hi i,m in the process of searching for answers as to why i,ve experienced so many strange things throughout my life from very early childhood up to the present time. vivid dreams of wich some i am convinced were not dreams at all i have a natural ability to heal something that i truly believed as a chid was the norm for everyone as i got older i realised that this was,nt the case and kept this part of me to myself because i felt people did,nt understand me and would think me odd. i now find people more accepting of my abilities and share my healing with others i have red hair green eyes also webbed feet in fact almost all of the mentioned reptilian traits.i find this research interesting albiet a little scary .there is so much more i could share but it would take much more time to explan. i believe that i will eventually find the answers. bless you all far and near tracy. forgot to mention that my blood type is rh neg also.

  9. sandra barr on February 24th, 2010 12:38 pm

    I did not realise webbed feet were also a Rh Neg trait, my second and third toes are webbed on both feet! Another one to add to the list.

  10. Suzie Pearson on March 27th, 2010 4:23 pm

    Hi There, I’m really not sure what I believe as I think that I’ve spent the majority of my life avoiding the fact that any of my so-called abilities were real. I have rh-neg blood but never thought that this had anything to do with any psycic ability I might have until I googled it. I have very vivid dreams, sone of which come true. I know when people are lying and sense when something is wrong. I feel like I know that there are other life forms on other planets and feel connected some how but at the sane time think I’m crazy fir believing it. I believe that one day the human race will be faced with this fact. This might sound odd but I have a strange sense that someone or something is watching me when I’m around water like in the shower? That’s probably just me being paranoid!! :0) This is very interesting that other people with this blood type feel the same. Maybe there is a connection? I would love to know!!!

  11. Colman on March 30th, 2010 1:57 pm

    Was usefull one, thank you

  12. sandra barr on April 5th, 2010 6:35 pm

    Does anyone else have allergies? I have many. And although I have not seen allergies linked specifically to Rh Neg, I wondered was it common with Rh Negs. I have always had them, but as I have got older I have become allergic/intolerant to so many things.
    I have to use all natural toiletries, cleaning products, and Im allergic to most pharma drugs. Mind you, my allergies have been a blessing in ways, as it woke me up to the amount of poisons in everything!

  13. tracy tate on April 6th, 2010 6:17 am

    hi sandra in answer to your question on allergies i for one can sympathise with this , i have severe allergy to foods cosmetic products and all antiboitics also many other pharma drugs. my doctors are at a loss at how to treat me at times, i carry an epipen with me as some of the reactions have been life threatening this is very frightening and difficult for me. i hope you do not have the most severe form of this.i seem to react most violently to the antibiotics and seafoods , i find it best to treat any illness with herbal medicines as much as is possible. i don,t know wether or not there could be a link due to our blood group would be interesting to get feedback from others with this blood type. stay well love and light to you and yours tracy.

  14. Sandra Barr on April 6th, 2010 7:41 am

    I do know that many O RH Negs end up doing healing work. And most healers do have many sensitivities and allergies.
    I have to treat most things naturally. And most of The o negs that I know have allergies, but because there are so few of us its hard to say catagorigally.
    BTW, there is a facebook group for O negs. So far out of 400million FB users, there are 14 of us…lol

  15. denise on April 25th, 2010 3:22 pm

    I am rh neg I would like to know anyone have any dreams about spheres. I had a dream ten years ago never will forget a man looked like jesus on a white horse leading me to a nile which was empty to show me what looked like egyptians trying to move these huge metal spheres in the desert

  16. Luisa on April 26th, 2010 3:53 am

    I’m O- and I am looking for answers to why my allergies and intolerances are increasing the more intuitive I am becoming and if there is a way of keeping my healing sensitivity but not react to nearly everything. I have always had dreams and followed my gut feelings.
    This site has been very interesting. Thank you.

  17. sandra barr on May 1st, 2010 4:56 pm

    Denise really interesting Dream!
    Luisa, the more I have tuned into my psychic and healing abilities the more allergies I have got.
    I think it is because the more intuitive you become, the more you listen to your body. Sometimes I just pick things up in a supermarket, and I get an odd feeling, so I set it down again. In fact I would now call myself an intuitive shopper, lol, I lift what I am drawn to, when I pick it up, I can feel good or bad, and that tells me weather or not to buy it.
    Oranges are my worst allergy, and they slip them into so many things!

  18. Anara on May 7th, 2010 8:09 am

    Ive been doing research on RH negative factor and found a book/article on Scribd(website) called The RH Negative Factor Book<a title=”View The RH Negative Factor Book on Scribd””
    That is the most information in one place as I could find. I am a positive but I think researching this anomoly and finding real answers a key in understanding our origins.

  19. Lee on May 9th, 2010 3:31 am

    Hi Anara and all.

    I’ve come across that ebook before.

    Everytime I find something about Rh- or famous people who we share our blood group with I post them all in one place, here:

    I think there are over 200 subjects so far, including video’s

    One thing I do find strange is the fact that we all some to be waking out to find out our roots

  20. sandra barr on May 21st, 2010 2:53 am

    I came across this yesterday, it is in 6 parts, I thought I would post, as it covers O negs, and our alien ancestors.
    Dont know if its all true or not, but it is very interesting.

    If you have time this vid is great.

  21. sandra barr on May 26th, 2010 6:01 pm

    If any of you are on Facebook, there is an O neg group, I think that there are 22 of us, lol!/group.php?gid=36150361422&ref=ts

  22. Glenda Carmichael on July 24th, 2010 10:57 am

    Hi to all my RH-negative B

  23. Glenda Carmichael on July 24th, 2010 11:14 am

    Hi to All RH-Negative,

    I read all stories from above I will say there is truth to all of you. Most three stories I read one who said she was very intuitive and psychic abilities, and allergies addictives, and the man who said it will be nice to know who we all belongs too.

    I read a website which said yes we are very prong to allergies such as ; dairy, nuts, chocolate, strawberries, shell fish, and pollen just to name a few.

    By the way I also read a website stating we have the purest blood , the comments behind that statement were not too friendly.

    Yes I’m RH-Negative as well.

  24. Liz Gardner on September 4th, 2010 10:40 pm

    I’m rh- although I am brown eyed with very blond hair. I have always had lots of paranormal experiences and have twice in my live had the sequence of events changed by a divine force this happened when my safety was threatened – its as though something somewhere is looking out for me. I actually find it very worrying as this doesn’t seem to be happening to anyone else.

  25. denise on October 15th, 2010 9:49 pm

    I am o neg my sister is ab neg I have been doing research on the rh negative blood factor ever since a doctor at a hospital brang it to my sisters attention by mentioning to her to look it up on the internet. I have been fascinated by this subject of all the different theories, but all but what is interesting is I have hazel eyes and chestnut colored hair and almond shaped eyes high cheek bones my sister has green eyes and blonde hair she is tall. We both have had numerous coincidences and paranormal experiences as well as physic dreams. I also seen a ufo when I was five along with five other witnesses. I love science,space,archeology,anthropology and theology and I always think out of the box and have always felt as if I was waiting for something to come. My sister and I also feel great empathy for all people and animals, I also feel I am on the outside looking in. So I do believe there has to be some truth to theses theories because of these traits.

  26. Sandra Barr on October 16th, 2010 4:19 am

    Denise, I could have written that post myself! Identical parallels with my own life.
    I seen a UFO when I was 16. I came home and told my parents, they thought I was on drugs, so I thought it best never to mention it again. It is only recently that I have mentioned it.
    The most bizarre thing about it was, I had about 10 bangles on, you know the thin metal coloured ones….they just disappeared, one minute they were on my wrist, the next they were gone!
    I to have always felt divinely protected, I have escaped many very dangerous situations. And very often I have had a warning of some sort to alert me in advance to avoid something dangerous.

  27. Tian on November 10th, 2010 9:39 am

    I found out I was RH- about 25 years ago. I have had vivid dreams since I was a child – gave detailed information about places I have NEVER been, seen or read about (pre internet era) :-) All of my dreams are intense. I can pick up where I left off, change the story line and or direction etc. I am very anemic, very anyltical, and sensitive to the plight of others. Not sure if any of this means anything but I’m not ruling anything out.

  28. denise on November 10th, 2010 11:15 am

    I believe there has to be something to it because the majority of people don’t seem to have the awareness or understanding that other people such as ourselves have. For one group to have all these things in common, what are the odds? I have traced my roots to the Saxons and the other side of my family to Palestine and Poland and Austria. I believe if you can trace your roots you can get a basic idea of how you acquired this blood type.

  29. Sandra Barr on November 10th, 2010 11:52 am

    Tian, what you describe is very common for O negs, I know I get very frustrated when I analyse something, and no one else gets it. I could very much be described as OCD, as I do not just scratch the surface, I have to have a full understanding, and delve into every aspect of things. Often I see things in a very different way to other people, it has taken me until now to realise this is a trait of my blood type, most of my life I felt like a freak.
    Denise, I got the O neg from my Dad, he was adopted, we found his Mum, and her Dad also was adopted, this seems very common for O negs. One theory is that because it is the bloodline of the Royals (elite), they have children and farm them out, so that they can rule the world, but no one cotton on that they are all related., As to the world it looks like all different people, with all different backgrounds.
    I know that there have been genealogy studies conducted, and The Queen of England, George Bush, Obama etc etc are all distant cousins!

  30. denise on November 11th, 2010 11:31 am

    Sandra that is an interesting point my real father was never a part of my life for reasons unknown I asked him why when I contacted him is response was someday you will know. Also on my moms side f family my grandmother did not know her real father as well. I would also ike to add that my real father was in the air force briefly before met my mother and was interduced by my uncle who used to work for the white house as a guard he was a marine this was when linden Johnson was president. My real dad promised to marry my mom five years later only to get my mom pregnant again and do the same thing leave and never have any contact what so ever.

  31. Suzie on November 11th, 2010 1:31 pm

    Guys, you know we could go on talking forever about the similarities but is anybody trying to find out why?

    My doctor gave me strange looks when he told me my blood type and kept repeatedly saying “You have alien blood”. Now I know he was only joking but the truth of the matter is they really don’t know where it derived from and so that’s why we have no definate answers.

    Maybe it’s all just a huge coincidence but obviously you are all searching on the Internet for a reason and that’s why you ended up on this page.
    I’m always intrigued to read a new post to see if it matches the way that I think but we can’t just keep posting forever.

    Sometimes I feel a little crazy for me beliefs as I don’t have anyone close to me who would really understand.

    I’m not religious and definately don’t believe in god but I do know that there is something other than us.

    I think that one day we will know and I’m not afraid. I have the creepy dreams that I think might be signs and would love to have interpreted and I really hope that in my life time I get to find out the truth.

    How old are you all? I’m 29.

  32. Suzie on November 11th, 2010 1:39 pm

    By the way, I think some of the similarities are coincidental.

    Just the significant things we should be thinking about or: dreams, what we’re dreaming about, what signs they give us.

    For example, has anyone had the dream where the four rectangular marks behind their right shoulder have been repeatidly pointed out? I have then but never noticed them until after my dream.

    I also had a dream recently that there was a women in a type of forest who was showing me how to separate the trees with your mind.

    This all sounds a little crazy and could merely be weird dreams which is why I’m posting to see if anyone else has the same type?

    We all need to compare places in our dreams that might be relevant. People that we see or dates that might appear.

    Have a good think and post what you remember.

    It’s mad to think that some people tell me that they can’t remember their dreams!!!

  33. Sandra Barr on November 11th, 2010 2:17 pm

    Suzie, I find that most of my dreams are just relevant to things that are happening in my life. Like many O negs I am an activist, and fight for many different issues. many O negs feel an intense need to change the world, end corruption, the destruction of the planet etc.
    I know this will sound way out there, but I think your Doctor is right, and many web sites report that the majority of people who claim to have been abducted by aliens are all O negs. Im not given to quoting the bible, but there are some rudimentary truths in it, and it says that the Gods (Aliens) came here and had off spring with the beings that were here at the time. the bible suggests that the daughters of these primitive men were attractive, it is much more likely that they were apes, and the human race was a genetic experiment between the existing beings and the visitors. It is from the apes that humans inherited the rh factor. We do not have the rh factor, so we could not have evolved from them!
    Which means that our blood is the blood of the visitors.
    You ask is anyone trying to find out why, I am, I have been trying this 3/4 years. But I am still joining dots. I have asked many researchers who would be experts in ancient mythologies, none have ever looked into the Rh factor.
    Michael Tsarion has written a book about the Irish origins of civilization. yesterday I emailed him to see if it has come up in his research. Ireland has a very high rate of O negs, so has the Basque region. The mitochondrial DNA of the Irish has been traced to the Basques, so it was thought that the Irish came from the Basque region. After hearing Tsarions theories on civilization starting in Ireland, I thought it was more likely that the Basques came from Ireland.
    I have uncovered so much, that it would be impossible to put it all on here.

  34. denise on November 11th, 2010 8:49 pm

    Oviously someone has to know the truth because our blood is used to make medicine for aids and cancer patients to prolong their life so some scientist or doctor out there has to know also I read that there was a mummy found with rh negative blood and while scientists were testing it they discovered the blood was still alive I will send you the link I have to find it again.

  35. denise on November 11th, 2010 9:21 pm

    I also have read our blood contains copper as opposed to iron which is in positive blood so since copper is suppsed to be a conductor to produce energy. Magnetic energy I believe. I did my own experiment I held a magnet on the repulsive side and you can feel the energy it was weird.

  36. denise on November 11th, 2010 9:40 pm

    I also have been researching different aspects of this subject I read the Hyerborea was mayby the place which supposably may have existed also Sumerian annunaki theory which makes sense. The mention of Ireland is interesting to me because my grandmother’s mother is from Ireland.

  37. Sandra Barr on November 12th, 2010 7:38 am

    Irish mythology pre-dates Egyptian, it is Tsarions theory that it was the Irish who travelled to Egypt and created civilization as we know it.
    I will not be drawn into presenting any of these theories as fact, but for my own research into the O negative history I am looking at all theories.
    There certainly is a lot on the net linking the O negs with the Sumerian’s and Anunuki, but it is Tsarions theory that they all came from Ireland.
    If we look at the elite who are running the world, just about every American President claims Irish ancestors. As we know Obama’s mum was Irish. And the British Royals are O neg. I in no way want to glorify myself as being connected to these people, as I believe most to be pure evil, with evil agendas. But I do have an innate sense of wondering where I came from, which goes way beyond looking at my most recent ancestors.

    Denise I would be really interested in seeing that link if you can find it. My theory on O negs being immune to AIDs, is that AIDs was created in a lab, and designed to cull ethnic minorities. It is by design that it was created not to effect O negs, as the global elite who unleashed this deadly virus would not want to catch it themselves, and they are nearly all O negs.
    The reason the global elite all called blue bloods, is because of the high level of copper in their blood. When copper oxidises it turns blue, as opposed to iron which goes a brownish red.
    Also as i am sure you all know, a RH positive Mum can have an O neg baby with no problems, but an O neg Mum will have problems carrying a RH positive baby. This is probably why the elite all inter marry, as in the past they had “blue babies” if they had a child with a RH father. We now of course have the anti D injection for this, but in the past the only way they had to avoid it was to marry their own with the same blood.
    Irelands greatest export has always been its people, and I think it is very possible that this is how O negs showed up here there and everywhere, and spread the O neg blood. Here in Ireland we still have one of the highest incidences of O neg blood.

  38. Suzie on November 12th, 2010 2:26 pm

    Hey Guys

    My blood type is RH Negative, which I don’t think is O neg? I’m not sure??

    I worry myself about having babies as I know that because of my blood type there can be huge complications especially as my partner has RH Positive blood.

    I think that there are a lot of things that are kept from us by the so called Elite although they are really just pawns in the whole thing. I believe that Mother Nature right now is more powerful than all the human race put together as she has the ability to completely wipe us out.

    I fear that as a human race we are becoming to greedy and arrogant and have little respect for our planet anymore. With this said I am sure that something has to give and there will be an event that will change everything.

    It’s funny that I often think, if so called ‘aliens’ came to earth to try and help us I think we can all agree that they would most definately be attacked as that seems to be our only defence mechanism. The thing is that in all of my visions I am completely on their side. I feel bad sometimes that I do think I would fight for my own race but I don’t feel like I belong anyway. I’m sure that a councillor would tell me that this can be explained by my up bringing or events in my life but to be honest I’m as normal and steady headed as they come.

    I’m ready for things to change and knowing that there are other people out there that may be like me fills me with hope that things will be okay.

    Did you know that only a small percentage of the population is RH neg. It would be so interesting to get some together to meet and see if they all feel the same!!

  39. Sandra Barr on November 12th, 2010 3:15 pm

    Suzie, totally agree with all you said. If you are on facebook there are a few O neg groups.
    If you are RH negative, that is just the RH factor. there will be a blood group as well, ie O, A, B, AB.

  40. Suzie on November 12th, 2010 3:49 pm

    Thanks Sandra!

    I’m Rhesus A Neg.

  41. DreamSayer on November 18th, 2010 11:42 pm

    Its a farce. For starters.. science & holistic sights suggest that the B+ is the most psychically tuned. Infact, RH- is a defect of nature. I would hate to point out the fact of missing antigens for protecting against antibodies but….. it could be because maybe you dont come from Earth. But lets be serious, anyone with psychic abilities feels pretty alienated from society. This is the reasoning behind it. There are 2 hybrid bloodtypes that are newer to the factor. B, AB .. And the older types A, O. All are potential psychic. But the antigen plays little in the role but by one instance, this instance can happen in many circumstances. Its called PTSD & it can happen during birth, which in the RH- case is known as a blueblood, or neardeath during birth do to the baby turning upside down & choking on the embilical chord. This is the blood of the elite that have fooled us into making us slaves by smoke & mirrors. But they are not the most psychic. The hybrid feature however takes on mutable forms from our ancestral blood. So as we look into the Rhesus of primates we see that type O is the all monkey rhesus, where type A is chimpanzee only, & type B is Gorilla. This is where it starts playing a role in mind functions & interpretations. When we look at the top ten primates in captivity we find KoKo the sign language gorilla as the number one intellect. There is reason for this. Its quite simple to recognize a chimpanzees tool making & monkey see monkey do aspect to be of higher intelligence, but as we delve deeper we can see right hemisphere operation in KoKo, such as drawing, surfing the net, showing heart felt emotions & meaning behind what were originally seen as simple commands. When we watch a chimpanzee in the wild, we see over aggressive hyenas chuckling with a wide array of weaponry & tools, but with gorillas you find family & actual emotional displays of childbirth & rearing. So sure a chimpanzee will rip your balls off, but a gorilla will take care of & raise Tarzan. So the simple fact that B type blood uses more cognitive,emotional, & duel hemisphere rationality is proof in the pudding.
    I am B+ & i dont know if this is the only factor involved. I am also Pisces 4 days from the Tesla ressonance(Leap Year). PTSD from child abuse. Born under a new moon. come from a psychic family. There is more factors that just keep matching up.
    I have been literally haunted by precognition ever since i was a child, where i originally saw a retrocognition in a house of an event years before i was born when i was 4 years old. But i truly believe i was seeing precogs in the womb of the outside world. I have short clairvoyant flashes rairly & i must be in a hypnopompic/gogic state. This is also where i hear people call my name before they contact me. I share dreams with close ones & have played send/receive with others & have had a perfect score with ones who are open. I can also remote view colors as i noticed this also helps me to remember precogs. I have awoken on precogs before & discovered that the government is right, it starts in about 3 hours of sleep. These arent interpretations, they are exact copies of what will happen. I then stepped into understanding this trance state more indepth as i observed while my body would fall into sleep. I realizes i could stay awake while asleep, i then started seeing overlapping shapes all at once & 4d geometrics. A time/space fold, some strange visitors(iargon?), but they were all in dreams though.. except when i ask a question when the screen is black, then i access my mind somehow & can pull up anything in meditation, & thats not dreaming.. But sometimes when i’m awake it gets me when i daydream. I dont know what its all about even though i have done years of research into this topic. Believe me, if you guys were really psychic, then you would know how much of a burden it is most of the time living like this, sometimes i think its already happened before its happened.uugghh… Other than the fact that all animals just some how know me & gravitate. I mean it happens everywhere i go, all animals go nuts when i come around, Basically worse than the dog whisperer. I have drawn the hearts of all animals & they understand me somehow. birds,bee’s,cats,dogs,etc. Some strange vibration that i can control. And this is where the B+ blood comes into play as a Mongolian blood crossed with what is believed to be caucasions from highlands or maybe even Nordic, They blasted across euroasia & became the most adaptable to food types,multiple languages,climate changes, & have the nitrus oxide gene of adrenal. So it has direct influence to a mutation from the blue eyed & red headed mystics mixed with Asian chi. But maybe Pisces ability to create light from darkness i think may be a true source as i am artistic & musically inclined. Breaking thought down into pieces seems to make it more intuned, as does using frequencies from sound to light can trigger it. Learning to go into trance is everything when attempting to control it in any way as most of the time, you are just an observer that can only change your own position.

  42. emmett whitt on November 20th, 2010 10:19 am

    the fact that o neg could belong to reptilian decent i agree with ,,but ive always felt that they have the most pre-disposed self sense of superiority, and have demonstrated that through out history..(as in illuminatti,bilderberge,rothchilds, etc. etc.however to enlighten your all knowing information i do not think that the reptilian are the only cosmic factors at work and i dont in the least bit feel “subjected” to any of you..i have quietly experence psycic phenomina since i was younger than you would even belive includeing the day that my sense of physical awairness began.i do not dis-cuss this with others and never even botherd to try and validate my feelings ,i know what i know and thats all that i per your “restus monkey theory” i will leave you to entertain your self with that since that seems to be your ability, yours truely ( o-pos)

  43. emmett whitt on November 20th, 2010 10:32 am

    to:dreamsaver/// i only just now read your comment .i would like to discuss this furthur,please contact..

  44. Strider Holiman on November 20th, 2010 2:29 pm

    We don’t agree with this article and we will explain why.

    First of all, we are a group of psychics who know other groups of psychics. If you put us in a room we have a full specturm of blood types and genetics. We also have varied powers that are similiar and connected but are also different or unique. We wish to negate blood association by observable facts through our local enviroment, so please meditate on this response.

    Genetics has nothing to do with you spiritual/psychic power because one is in a material/holograhpic realm and the other is ethereal/spiritual realm, the latter is real. The material world limits willpower with resistence by eventuating experience through choice. It’s a experiencial simluator we are in. The occult concept ‘as above so below’ would apply to this situation not vice versa. It’s not the mental or physical that dictates ‘psychic’ power, on the contrary, its purely spiritual power/willpower and awareness.

    In our group, psyhic power is spiritual willpower. Your awareness of spiritual personality is the source of willpower, which is the source and center of all things. It’s the only gift you get to keep in the universe of universes, yourself. Freewill is the choice between love and error and they are only two choices that can be applied to any situation in the hologram. When will is applied with love, it’s more powerful than any force, it’s divine and often supercedes the material. In my part of the world the most loving psychics are the most powerful beings I know. It’s not a mystery.

    Our conclusion… LOVE is the factor in this quest to understand true power. Blood type/genetics inherently create physical limitations for the spirit personality but at the same time infuse evolution through reflective existence, which is like resistence to enforce willpower growth. Power is not derived from the physical world. It is all things it is you.

    The most important factor in the physical world affecting highly developed spiritual beings is brain capacity or speed. This can be limited by physical elements as well. (e.g. heavy metals in the brain, toxins, diet, and or electronics). If you brain operates at LIGHT speed you are nearly unlimited in power. All humans have lag time and reduced brain signals, it can be measured, most humans are scrambled. The most powerful psychics in our group have less lag from left to right hemisphere, but we all have lag.

    DMT, the pituatary, and the pineal should be of interest when concerned with psychic power and physical elements. DMT accelerates the brain to near light speed, reduces lag time from right to left, and harmonizes brain waves to divine levels… We produce DMT in our own brain and the human species must learn how to balance our brains. The highly developed spiritual personalities have control of their own pituatary, the master gland, and can stimulate the production fo DMT in the pineal gland, all through the application of willpower. There is so much to say on this topic that’s it’s a book in itself.

    The old souls, experienced spiritual beings, or highly developes spirits are more aware and have more psychic power. It increases as we expand in awareness. The assimilation of knowledge applied with love is called wisdom to our group, or awareness. True spiritual character is built on wisdom. The more true spiritual character you’ve built the more power you have. All experience creates a unique and dynamic spirit personailty like a snowflake and everyone has their own unique and beautiful powerset of abilities. No two spirits are the same but we are all similiar. The willpower in motion is volition and how your spirit moves through the celestial universe. You body is loaner vessel or container of the spirit, the merger is the soul, the soul is the total some of all experience while incarnate. You power is limited to the physical systems of the planet in which you reside and the level of awareness you have, but also remember, this is unlimited at the same time.

    (The reptilian genetic connection should be pursued vigirously.)

  45. Sandra Barr on November 22nd, 2010 6:30 pm

    >>>>the fact that o neg could belong to reptilian decent i agree with ,,but ive always felt that they have the most pre-disposed self sense of superiority, and have demonstrated that through out history..(as in illuminatti,bilderberge,rothchilds, etc.

    Emmett, that is like accusing all Germans of being like Hitler! you cannot accuse all O negs of being pre-disposed to have a sense of superiority!
    Because of all the anomalies that come with O negs, many have a yearning to find out where they did come from. We could well be the result of a reptilian genetic experiment, who knows, who knows where any of the blood groups evolved from.

    I would well believe that if you were to ask a room full of psychics their blood group not all would be O negs, of all the O neg I know, who have psychic/telepathic and other skills, not one has chosen to make a living in any of these areas.
    In fact most of the O negs I know work in holistic healing, which would also seem to disprove the theory that they are a cold hearted bunch intent on the destruction and enslavement of humanity! there are O negs who are psychopathic and do intend ruling and enslaving humanity, but Im sure there are also B positives and other blood groups who also do this.
    I would seriously like to know the blood group of the Rothschild’s, but as yet I have not found any evidence of any of their blood groups. if the poster who said that the Rothschilds were O neg had evidence of this I would like to examine it.

  46. Sandra Barr on November 22nd, 2010 6:35 pm

    I quick google search has just revealed that Hitler and that other famous war monger-er George Bush senior are both blood group A!

  47. emmett on November 22nd, 2010 7:50 pm

    if you found “any reliable info.’ on hitler i would sure like to see that,and i doubt if you could quickly access and such thing on the bush family. we arent talking about paris hilton here ,the former director of the c.i.a. is only going to let anyone know what he wants known and its only brick wall or smoke and mirrors beyond per saying all germans are like hitler i dont even know where you came up with that at all.ive backtracked through the entire dialoge youve put in this forum and all i find is where you attempt to put yourself over everyone elses thoughts or feelings, at any rate i dont belive you have any sense of perception at all,and if you do maby you should use it on yourself..

  48. Suzie on November 23rd, 2010 12:25 am

    Guys!!! No more bitching! :0)

    I thought that this was a page for people who have a rhesus neg blood type but it’s turned into a bitch fest.

    Has anyone here actually got rh neg blood?

  49. emmett on November 23rd, 2010 1:02 am

    you call it whaever you want jackass ,i dont appreciate someone trying to dazzle me with unproven bullshit. o-negs sure go talk to sandra she knows everything about everything, shes even as psyhic as a fence post !! at this point to seriously evaluate whay stryder last posted, have a nice day…

  50. Suzie on November 23rd, 2010 1:25 am

    Um, okay. I hope that last post was in no way a response to my post.

    I think that the good old saying “If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” applies.

    I think that a really great insight into the connection between certain blood types has been ruined by the same small minded and opinionated people that I try to avoid.

    If you need to post negative comments you’re in the wrong place.

    Please refrain from posting anything else unless it’s constructive.

    I can pretty much guarantee that you’re blood type isn’t rh neg!!

  51. Sandra Barr on November 23rd, 2010 5:48 am

    Emmet, you stated that the ruling elite who are enslaving humanity were all O negs, then you have a go at me for saying that Bush and Hitler were blood group A!
    As I pointed out a Google search came up with that one, a google search is no kind of evidence and should never be taken as gospel truth, that goes without saying. You insinuated that the Rothschilds etc were O negs, i asked you have you any evidence, then you come back and have a go at me for saying Bush and Hitler were As!
    Your more than welcome to join this debate, but I fail to understand why you have joined and are attacking people on the thread with no justification, everyone has been very polite to you, why are you being so aggressive?

  52. Calypso on December 1st, 2010 2:51 pm

    Wow. I cannot believe at how much people will go through to try to boast their egos.

    It’s absolutely asinine to think that a lack of a blood protein makes a person by far greater then anyone else. I know people who are rh neg and others that are pos and some of the positives fit the description in this blog exactly yet some of the negatives are nothing like it. While the people who are in the rh neg category are great people, I have seen my fair share of those who are rh neg who are arrogant jerks who only care about themselves. To get a good idea of those people I’m talking about just look up this subject online. So many of the rh neg people are so conceited and arrogant that it makes a person shake their head in disbelief! If rh negative people came from the “Gods” then the “Gods” must have been a bunch of a–holes and passed those traits onto others. Unfortunately, those who are not full of themselves are a few and far between.

    Things like psychic abilities, healing, etc. go beyond genetics so to say that only specific type of people who lack a particular protein are more likely to be psychic is down right silly.

    By the way, I was told by an O- person that most of the worlds leaders are actually rh neg. From the looks of it, for many rh neg people, having a negative rhesus factor leads to negative behaviors. That doesn’t seem like a very good thing to me.

  53. emmett on December 1st, 2010 7:01 pm

    well debate is always inclined to take un-expected turns ,i just try to base my opinions on what i know for sure and that isnt very much, compaired to the cosmic possibilaties to be discused on this times i feel that we are trying to measure infinity with a yard stick and no one puts that into perspective. we simply do not even grasp the earthly level of resonance and quantum physics and the issues that affect us on a dailey bases…(anyways n.a.s.a. has some sort of disclouser set up for tomorrow nite, that ought to be very amuseing ,,, ( we payed them billions to tell us theres life on other planets ha ha !!)

  54. Suzie on December 1st, 2010 9:33 pm

    Calypso, obviously not your real name and I’m sure you picked this as your full of joy and lots of fun to be around.
    I would be one of those rh negative people that you talk about with such knowledge and I’m sure you know heaps about me and that’s why you choose to generalise your comments about rh neg blood types. Again, I can probably guarantee that you don’t have rh neg blood type as most people who have negative comments about us tend not to have our blood. Ironic hey!!
    I am sure that you know hundreds of people with rh neg blood and that’s why you’re such an expert and I’m sure that all the world leaders advertise their blood types on the web so that everyone can see. Highly unlikely!
    I am neither negative or positive in personality and I don’t have psycic powers or special abilities, I just am a realist and believe that unfortunately our earth as we know it will not survive forever. Whether it’s in our life time or our great grand childrens, things will change and evolve and we will realise that we’re not as invincible as we seem.
    Ultimately I feel like the human race fed the need to attack each other and are a very selfish, self centred race. I hope that you are young Calypso and therefore you’re still learning to be diplomatic.
    The only negative person in this situation would be you.

  55. Calypso on December 2nd, 2010 8:54 am


    I wasn’t generalizing because if I was, I would have lumped ALL rh neg people as arrogant, not just some because as I have said before, I know some rh negs who are good people. That’s what generalizing is. It’s when you categorize all of something specific like saying that all white people are destructive because of what they did to the Natives when they came to North America or saying that all men and women are shallow. Saying that some wo/men are shallow yet others are not is not generalizing. That’s just stating a true observation because some people are and others are not. The same applies to this subject as well as anything else. If anything, it would be you making assumptions about me, not me being negative about this whole topic.

    As for my blood type, I’m both positive and negative! I’ve had my blood tested several times now and although it’s positive, many times, it will show up as negative and from what I’m told and from the research I’ve done, that could mean the negative gene is recessive in me so I guess I’m a half-breed. Even though both + and – have shown up in my blood, I don’t think of myself as being better then anyone else. I’m just your average person.

    The person I spoke to about the U.S. presidents said that the information on their blood type is available for people to look up. Since I’m not American, I can’t say that I’ve tried searching on this but the person I was talking to is O- so I think they’ve done their share of research on this.

    Suzie, I’m very much like you whether you want to accept that or not. I believe that we are all one and if the human race doesn’t start changing for the better soon, we aren’t going to be around for much longer. If humans do change then they will prolong their existence although like anything in nature, it will never last forever.

    If you had simply asked me where I was going with my comment instead of assuming that I’m being “negative” then you would’ve known this. What I had mentioned in my first comment were observations I had made when I started to do research on blood types and whenever I looked on forums discussing this, some of the rh negs were fine who thought of themselves as the same as everyone else(there were not many of them) and others were so full of themselves thinking they are the cat’s behind. Then there were others who are rh pos who have all of the traits that are supposedly to describe rh neg people. If you look for forums talking about this you will see that for yourself so I can with all honesty say that I’m not the one being negative here. I’m just stating my observations on this.

  56. Suzie on December 2nd, 2010 12:59 pm

    I’m sorry Calypso is this not your comment????

    If rh negative people came from the “Gods” then the “Gods” must have been a bunch of a–holes and passed those traits onto others.

    You’re not being negative all, my mistake!

    And for the record your blood type can only change in you’ve had a transfusion. And further more the point I am trying to make is that it’s the ‘RH’ factor with the neg that makes the type rare not just the negative. Do you have the RH factor in your blood?

  57. Sandra Barr on December 3rd, 2010 3:27 pm

    Calypso, Many O negs have heightened senses, like beyond 20/20 visions, extra sensitive hearing etc. I cannot speak for all O negs, but I know I have these traits. that is not meant in any way to be boastful. The great eyesight was a great benefit to my work, but the extra sensitive hearing means I cannot use mobile phones, cordless phones, or watch TV, as they actually cause me pain. I think it has already been mentioned on the thread, that the references to “The Gods”, meant being who came to earth from another place.
    You seem very selective about what you want to believe, and what you dont want to believe, an O neg told you the Rothschild’s were O neg, and without any evidence or research you believe that, but you believe little else on this thread!
    That says more about your ego than ours!
    As has also been discussed on this thread, many O negs have a serious amount of allergies, which can be very debilitating, that has also been discussed on this thread, I dont know where you got the idea we were all a bunch of egotists, bumming about how great we are!
    I have also mentioned on this thread that I am dyslexic, and I know many other O negs who are dyslexic, we may have discussed the benefits of being O neg, but the short comings have also been discussed.

  58. Calypso on December 21st, 2010 9:16 am

    Sandra Barr,

    Then how do you explain the many people who are of rh positive who possess the same traits and/or abilities as those who are AB, A, B or O negative? That’s what many people don’t want to take into consideration here and every time it’s brought up, people seem to walk around it because they either don’t want to answer it or they can’t answer it.

    When it comes to health/mental issues that has to do with genetics as a whole and not just an rh factor and as for psychic abilities, that definitely goes way beyond blood type and rhesus factor because then what explanation would be given to those who are AB, A, B or O positive who struggle daily with health or mental issues and/or those who are very psychic? I know of a family where Empathic abilities runs in their family and they are all O+. It seems that to many rh negative people, that can’t be because their rh is positive but clearly it is possible.

    Then what about the people who do have the negative rh factor in their family yet consider themselves as well as other members of their family as average, everyday people who don’t have the traits/abilities you described?

    That’s why when it comes to mental and/or health issues and especially psychic abilities, it goes way deeper then the rh factor but some people just don’t want to look at it that way.

  59. Individuals with rh negative blood are believed to possess greater psychic abilities | Rhesus Negative on December 24th, 2010 9:04 am

    [...] Source: Individuals with rh negative are believed to possess greater psychic abilities [...]

  60. Danica on January 13th, 2011 8:12 am

    I am so glad I have stumbled upon all of you as its very lonely being an O neg…hugs and light to you all will keep an eye on the posts …thank you

  61. Jace on January 14th, 2011 5:50 am

    I am B negative with two extra ribs. I have never wanted to be strange and for many years tried hard to be someone else who was normal. I was given specail award and put in lonely classes after taking first IQ test. I have a high IQ and feel stupid and alone. I have all those things listed! When given personality tests, I am in the most rare one. I went with friends who were has there auras and also kirilian (sp?) photography done and they pre-paid for mine~so ok. No. The lady said, “this isn’t possible!.” You are either a saint or a dog! My photos all have gold only in aura. My friends have lots of colors. Oh, I ws ina wreck and the doc found my extra ribs and said that it is a birth defect! I have mixed dominance. I am neither right nor left brained. My scores are straight across the board equal. I really don’t like being called a reptile! Soldiers are drawn to me to talk about war. I am tired and the list is too long. Good night!

  62. Sandra Barr on January 14th, 2011 6:08 am

    Hi Jace, the things you have mentioned are common with RH negs. The education system is set up in a way not to educate, but to indoctrinate. Early on they establish who has the highest IQs, then they set about alienating those people, and embark on a programme to make them feel stupid. So as even though their IQ goes of the scale, they often leave school feeling very stupid.
    They often try and find something that would render the high IQ person in some way “Special needs”. I am dyslexic, which is common in RH negs. I have a higher than average IQ, but all through school I was shouted at, and made to feel really stupid because of my spelling. It has taken me a long time, just to understand and accept my own intelligence.
    I have also had the aura pic done, and mine is also golden. I dont mention it to many people, as most people seem to think I am boasting if I mention it.
    I have 2 nephews who also were IQ tested, both have high IQs, one of them was put in a special needs class, with learning dis-abled children! the system is afraid of us, that is why they try so hard to put us down.

  63. Sandra Barr on January 14th, 2011 6:23 am

    Of course O negs are not the only people on the planet who are psychic, or have many of the abilities listed, but the abilities listed are common traits in Rh negs, they are uncommon in the other blood groups.
    One of my best friends is a great psychic, and she is B+. No one on here is saying that O negs have complete dominance when it comes to psychic abilities.
    As far as I can see it, this thread is mainly RH negs, who are trying to understand why they have these abilities, and disadvantages, compared to other blood types.
    I have felt most of my life that I am a freak, for years I tried really hard to be like other people, even though I did not feel like other people, and I knew I was different.
    I do not mean different in a good way, I mean different in a freak kind of a way. It has taken me to now to have some understanding of myself, and a few years ago, when I realised that the way I am is common in O negs, it gave me hope that I was not the only person like this!
    For many years I thought I was a hypochondriac, if I stood beside someone who had a sore shoulder, I walked away with their pain, I was 40 before I realised I felt their pain, because I had the ability to heal it! My life might have been so much easier if I had come with an instruction manual!

  64. laurie on January 23rd, 2011 5:53 pm

    This is very interesting. I was in a horrible car accident where I sustained a severe head injury. I healed so fast it was incredible. nobody could believe it. prior to this I had suffered extreme emotional trauma as I lost my husband and mother two months apart I think the trauma of these events have triggered whatever is happening to me. I have been researching RHnegative factor , I seem to be driven towards certain things. However, I also am investigating mind control which is another explanation for the inexplicable. Hitler started it and if you look up sleeper spies I hope you`ll understand the RH factor might not be the common denominator in these anomalies. Sincerely Moi

  65. Janet on January 25th, 2011 9:49 am

    I have RH- blood. I am 42.I have red hair and brown eyes. My eyes are very sensitive to the sun. My Doctor told me to wear sun glasses until dark. He was amazed that someone with dark brown eyes was so sensitive. I was born sick. I was also born with healing abilities. Since childhood I have saw things that people consider paranormal .I am a “seer” also. And I also am very sensitive to certain pitch sounds. I can hear dog whistles , they drive me nuts. I do not believe that all these things happen to RH- people only. I do have two daughters one is RH+ the other RH- . There is a huge difference in them. My daughter with RH- blood experiences many of the things I do. I by no means think I am superior to anyone. I just thought this sight was very interesting .

  66. Janet on January 25th, 2011 10:11 am

    dreamsayer. My RH- daughter was born a PDST baby. All animals also have a “knowing” of me. i have rescued Pit Bull puppies from a mother that was treated gruel and no one else could touch her. I also have had dreams my whole life about “other life’s i have lived.The list goes on and on.

  67. Sandra Barr on January 26th, 2011 1:45 pm

    Laurie, the ex MI5 agent James Casbolt, says that the government monitor all RH O negs from birth to death! He also said he is O neg, and they recruit them into special services, and then hone their talents. Mind control is one of the techniques they use.
    I do not know if it is true or not, but it is worth looking into.
    Janet hyper sensitive sight, hearing etc is common for O negs. I had to wear light re-active glasses for about 10 years. Its not just as bad now, but driving when the sun is shining bright really hurts my eyes.
    I had to give up TV when my hearing became too sensitive, this again is common.

  68. Telepathic Tiger on February 2nd, 2011 2:18 am

    Reading through the comments here I have noticed certain traits which are of interest. Those being that there are many O- who are nurses, have dyslexia, and seem to share certain personality traits and possible learning styles. However the psychic ability does not seem to play a significant factor with negative types over positive types. Nor does extraterrestrial ancestry. As there are far too many of those with RhPositive types who fit these lists of characteristics far too well.

    I would be far more interested to see how personality types measure up to blood types rather than obviously indeterminable factors like psychic ability or E.T. heritage…. I recommend this test:

    Assuming that extraterrestrial beings created races of humans on the earth, why would this indicate that some humans today, with RhPositive blood are any less likely to have extraterrestrial ancestry? I am not here to make arguments, but to share clues and observations which I feel may be of use to those who would choose to continue their own search by them.

    If one is ready to accept the idea of extraterrestrial intervention in the physical development of the human race then why are so many so quick to assume that some humans of a certain blood type evolved naturally at all? I think it is because of the title of the article and many others like it which provide a comforting explanation for people who have felt different and alien all of their lives to feel like they belong to a group of others with special and desirable traits. Throughout the history many people have been readily fooled by the tempting idea that they have some genetic predisposition to psychic ability. In my experience I have come to realize that psychic ability is a natural function of all human beings and that it can be fully developed by anyone. Yes, it may come more naturally to those with certain genetic predispositions. But it is equally true that if you say this about any given trait you will likely get a large number of responses from individuals coming forward who have the given trait who are ready to tell of all their psychic and paranormal experiences all of the sudden. To those of you who have felt a truth in the idea that the RhNegative blood in you is a link to your paranormal or psychic experiences… I say this; it is not the trait which determines who you are, it is the feeling and response to the idea of the trait which should give you the biggest clue =^_~=. From someone who identifies with your search, and feels they have been past the phases of personal confirmation, please take my humble gift of advice that in moving beyond the need to defend external evidence on the quest for internal truth. There is not need to attach such feelings to the outside world as even the blood you argue over remains stable and true on the inside of you as you read this.

    The golden color in the auras of some of you would fit very well with the mental nature of your personalities. However I do not think it has much of anything to do with your blood type, as I have seen the photographs of 2 other O- types in which one was all orange, and the other was all green.

    As for James Casbolt I thought I read at one point that he had been proven a hoaxster and even admitted himself to be one….

    I would also like to point out that as I understand it… the reason the O- blood is considered “pure” and highly valued as a donation for the use in medicine is not likely due to any more than that it is compatible with all other recipient blood types because it falls under the radar of the bodies immune system.

    As for the lists of common traits… the psychic ability (precognitive dreams, extraterrestrial contact through dreams or otherwise, telepathic or highly empathic and healing abilities, clairvoyance), love of animals and many animals being drawn into your energy, feelings of isolation and separateness from the general human population, a knowing of life on other worlds, strange physical anomalies, strange behaviors of electronic devices within the presence of the given individual…. Know this, these are all important clues for you, but I have to say that out of the people I know the ones who would score higher on these traits are A and B (both RhPositive individuals), and although I know some O’s (RhNegatives) who could rightly answer yes to many of the same traits, out of the people I know they are the far more earthly and less psychic of the people listed.

  69. Bexfreedom on February 10th, 2011 11:25 pm

    Comment taken from article above “The genetic argument is further proven by the Rh factor incompatibility. Mothers who are rh negative must have a blood transfusion if their unborn child has an rh-positive factor.”

    This statement is TOTALLY WRONG! For start they won’t know the blood type of the baby until it’s born in nearly all cases. I am A – RH Neg and gave birth 2 years ago, I was given (what they call here in Australia) an Anti D shot which prevents any harm to mother and child as antibodies of the mother will attack the unborn child (only if it’s a RH positive baby) Anti D is given specially because of the RH Neg factor. It is called different names depending on where you come from, and depending on the doctor and product, it’s given at different times, mine was given at around 28 and 34 weeks. They check the baby’s blood type from the umbilical cord once born and if it’s of positive blood they will give the mother another Anti D shot (NOT A BLOOD TRANSFUSION) within 24 to 48 just in case there was blood cross contamination between baby and mother, if the baby is RH neg (like mine was) then the extra shot is not given. I’m pregnant again the same goes this time, even if the baby is of positive blood. I think that giving out of this world information on RH Neg ppl like alien force/ reptilian alien info is fine, but don’t go giving WRONG medical information which may scare some women when they don’t know better.

  70. Crystal on February 14th, 2011 7:38 am

    I am not an rh- , but my middle daughter is. This is something she just found out. She has all kinds of health issues, none of which are to bad. I have a lot of the gifts you speak of. My eyes change colors, I see and hear things and have all my life. She has been told she is bi-polor and depressed. I think there is more to it than that. Could her rh factor play a part in her health and her disorder. I am looking for answers to help her feel better and have a better out look on life. I know there is something out there and I know we have so much to learn and discover about the world around us. I NEED to help her find her way. She is sooo smart and driven. She just doesn’t know where she is going. How can I help her.

  71. Esrael Marcos dos Santos on February 24th, 2011 2:53 am

    Hello friends,i’m also rh negative and find interestig and important for this discussion,i am a great agitation about percebendo people rh negative blood,my case is no different from ather people feel great and maybe the diferenças devevia scince in explaining some coisas.Sou italo-brasilian and i live in Milan and i am interested in meeting people rh negative blood, my email is [email protected] big hug from your friends Esrael.

  72. Nancy on March 19th, 2011 2:25 pm

    Hi! I am A- and share many of the feelings of the previous posts. I have allergies, low blood pressure, blond hair, intense blue eyes,149 IQ, raised in a very loving family, which I always felt a little different. My oldest brother got one point less than a perfect score on his college entrance test, and got B’s and C’s in high school. Two of my sister’s were valedictorians of their class, my youngest brother has turrets syndrome and is exceptionally talented, My mother and father were both A+, I am the only family member Rh-. My ex-husband was Rh- recessive, so all three of our daughter’s are Rh-. So not to say one is superior being Rh-, because I respect and admire all my siblings. One thing I might mention though…
    I have had it happen to me three times in my life;
    I have had strangers come to my workplace (three different places) looking for me specifically to give me a message. I was very skeptical about the first one, but realized it was too coincidental to not take seriously. A lady came the first time and told me to “think of someone in a worse situation, and you will feel better.” So I thought of a person that lost a child in a car accident, another child was in a coma from a different car accident, plus he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Ok so I said goodbye to the lady and I thought about “Tom” and within seconds, the phone system at work paged me and I picked up the phone and it was Tom. He said, ” the craziest thing just happened to me, but I got this message in my head to call you!” I said, “Where are you?” Tom said, “I am on a boat off the coast of Florida having a great day!”. The second message I had moved to California and was dating a very experimental guy that had been wanting me to go to a nude resort for couples. I was very opposed it the idea, but he just kept trying to persuade me. I was working in a furniture store and a guy came in, asked for “Nancy” and directed me to the back of the store and said he had a message for me. I said I had gotten a message before and so if he could be as fast as possible because I wanted to get back to work. He told me alittle about himself, and told me ,”Nancy you are doing something very dangerous and you know what it is, and you need to stop.” That is all, good-bye…and he left. So I immediately called the guy I was dating and told him I was finished with dating him. Ok one last message happened in about 2004 and I haven’t had one since. A man came into a different furniture store I was working in and asked for me, and looked at me and said, ” you don’t seem like the person I was supposed to find…and I said,”why?” And he said, “because I thought I would be talking with a business owner and you are just a salesperson.” I said, well I do own a business, but my co-workers do not know about that, or most people… He then said, “Oh! Then this could be for you. He said, “Nancy you will have to work 5 more years as hard as you can, then everything will be OK. That night when I was home from work I decided to call my Mom. I preceded to tell her what happened at work…she said, ” that’s funny I got a call from your brother today and he said, “Mom I just have to work 5 more years as hard as I can, and everything is going to be fine after that.
    So after the messages, I started selling cars, became No 1 salesperson…I retired in 2009 & have been taking care of my elderly Mom. Life has so many blessings! I virtually never get sick, and people call me an angel!

  73. Mina on April 18th, 2011 6:38 am

    @Nancy you spelled Tourette’s wrong.

  74. truthwatcher on April 26th, 2011 8:01 pm

    AB negative here…

    This is a crazy thread! Never before did I make the Rh connection. Thanks to everybody for their input!

    Blond hair/green eyes
    I have prophetic/vivid dreams and have since childhood
    My mother was abducted
    I have an extra vertebrate – tail bone sort of juts out.
    father and paternal gma both are psychic
    higher than average IQ
    artistic and overly sensitive

  75. Seeker on April 27th, 2011 1:22 am

    Hi. I found out I was O negative a few years ago but did not have the presence of mind to learn more about this blood type. I just discovered, tonight, that there might be something special about being rh negative. Quick overview of me:

    - Higher IQ (over 130)
    - Psychic abilities (especially psychic dreams, usually of things that are happening to other people *while* I am sleeping, or things that happen immediately after I wake), very vivid dreams
    - Unusual number of synchronicities that happen with me (so much so that friends are not surprised by the insane coincidences that routinely occur in my life, but apparently not in theirs)
    - Strange body issues: as an adolescent, the skin on my chest literally would “scale over” (like a reptile.. unfortunately..) .. this condition lasted for years until it eventually went away; I also had a hypoactive thyroid and long-lasting back problems
    - Bad history with electronic devices (I especially seem to break computers..for example, my boyfriend lent me his laptop – after 3 days in my apartment, it mysteriously died and the hard drive failed.)
    - Have ALWAYS been obsessed with the cosmos, the universe, science fiction, spirituality.. have always felt different, not human
    - I have also known, just by intuition, that having a baby would probably be difficult for me – but it was only a feeling.. no one ever told me that having rh negative blood could be a factor, but now that feeling I have makes sense

    Oh – I’m also not pale or red-headed, by the way.. I’m black.

  76. amanda2211 on May 17th, 2011 10:16 am

    Hi! I am on O- and the stories on here seem to be remarkably similar to my own.
    -blonde hair, gray green eyes, 5’11
    -vivid and prophetic dreams
    -love archeology, anthropology, astronomy, mysticism
    -feel completely misunderstood by almost everyone
    -grandmother has orange hair and green eyes but swears her grandfather was Cherokee
    -grandfather (different than the grandfather above) did not know his father, only that he was a politician and he was a bastard
    Just wondering if anyone has been looking up at the sky lately, feeling like something is about to happen, just waiting, I suppose.
    I also wanted to mention as a child (6yrs) I was praying to see Jesus, (raised Christian), and my room was filled with what I can only describe as lightening. It looked as if I was in a purple electric explosion, in the center there appeared a small almost cartoonish (he was glowing) image of what I thought at the time to be Jesus. I feel as though whoever I saw has been with me protecting me, but I don’t feel drawn to Christianity anymore. However, I do feel like there is a huge mission related to this that I am supposed to do soon, but what? I haven’t a clue. Also, for some reason, I now associate the word Pegasus with this being. One more thing does anyone keep noticing 1111 more often?

  77. dividing truth on June 2nd, 2011 9:17 pm

    This is a load of satanic nonsense.

    source: I am rh- and will not be deceived.

  78. Holly on June 3rd, 2011 12:48 am

    I have not found out my blood typed or found out if i am an RH negative candidate. However, i have a weird way of knowing if someone is going to die that is related to me. example i was talking about my cousin one day who i haven’t seen or thought about in 15 yrs and the next day my mother calls and says she has been in an accident and her oldest child was killed (age6). I had a weird sense of loss just before my father died. I have a nagging feeling I have something important to do like my life is meant for something bigger. I have a horrible horrible problem with static electricity ie. i have large bolts of electricity that shoot out of my fingers when the weather changes. I can’t push a cart at a grocery store with out shocking my partner. i have seen pictures move up and off of nails then set back down, i have heard my dad call for me to get something for my sister only to find out he was in bed asleep and i didn’t know because i was doing homework or having seen something that looked like my sister get into bed with her after it crawled out of my parents bedroom and grabbed my foot at 3am, just after i heard what i thought was my sister and parents talking about snow only to wake to my dad saying it snowed wake up! me saying i know you were talking about it last night and autumn for some reason was crawling on the floor pregnant. we moved a week later due to my sister being pregnant and something getting into bed with her. My mother is gifted and her mother and her mothers mother was as well.

  79. Lisa1122 on June 5th, 2011 11:51 am

    Amanda, YES, I have been looking in the sky all the time. YES, I feel like I am waiting for something. About 11 years ago, I had a dream that I was holding my daughter’s hand and looking up at the sky. There were ribbons of light. I looked at her in my dream and said “it is beginning, don’t be afraid”. In my dream, I totally knew what was happening. I woke up feeling like this was a psychic dream. Fast forward 11 years, I don’t know what was happening in my dream, but I do feel like something is coming. My daughter, now 15, tells me she can’t wait to go home… BTW, I am Onegative.. Around that same time, I had another psychic dream that I was shown Atlantis. I was told that it would be found soon. Those are the only dreams that seemed psychic to me. The rest of my dreams seem pretty normal and nothing noteworthy. But those two really rocked me. I live on the East Coast of the US. Where are you?

  80. Tom on June 10th, 2011 4:35 pm

    Actually, there was conjecture by some of the top minds in quantum physics that the Rhesus monkeys were peculiarly adept when they began the habbit of washing their food, many families, isolated from each other, within days of one another. Somehow the information was shared among these families without ordinary communication.

    Watch for my book: Progeny of the Light…

  81. Aliya on June 21st, 2011 3:50 am

    I’m o neg i’ve always felt different my whole life. Like i’m not from this planet. I feel like i’m ment to do something, like i’m waiting for something important to happen. I think i’m psychic. I’m not sure i can only predict little things, i often know what people are gonna say, right before they say it. i also have vivid dreams. I’m only fifteen by the way. Maybe that has something to do with my senses not being strong as all you?

  82. Marie on June 21st, 2011 10:37 am

    I just found this website and find all of this very interesting. I am RH negative and both of my parents are RH positive. I have had things happen to me since I was 7 years old. It started with lucid dreaming (dream control), leading to astral projection, and now when anyone passes away they come to me in my dreams to relay messages. I seem to have all my paranormal activity in the dream world. I have numerous flying dreams where I go to the end of the universe and see grids with symbols–I’m not sure what this means. I have had alien dreams (?) in which they are paralysing me in mid air, trying to penetrate my brain telepathically. I am able to keep them out with alot of concentration. I have been visited by an angelic being on the astral plane with the most loving emotion I have ever felt. After I woke up, I called everyone I love at 0400 am crying with joy. I can no longer wear wrist watches, they always stop working within 2 hours of putting them on. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children who are all RH+, any extremely psychic. What really tripped me out about all this RH negative stuff is that I read RH negative mothers give birth to indigo/crystal/rainbow children. I have been studying these new children for about 10 years because my children show alot of the characteristics. When I read this on a website it all clicked. I had a huge bolus of emotion hit my solar plexus chakra, confirming the truth. I had no idea that my blood type had anything to do with psychic ability and my childrens gifts. Thank you so much for letting me vent….. Marie

  83. Roy on July 11th, 2011 6:47 am


    Funny you mention the watches. I have been so frustrated by my watches stopping with in days. I have had dreams of my sister who had passed when she was 19 visiting me. But it’s not like a dream. I know she’s dead but we sit at the end of my bed just talking about things. In these dreams, I know I’m sleeping and she and I both acknowledge that she is dead but it is still as real as anything else. When I was a child I would wake in the middle of the night and see tall people at the end of my bed. One always looked like he was wearing a turban. I always thought that was odd but as I got older, and it stopped, I had other thoughts of the turban. First, were we lived at that time was a house on the grounds of the Cental Islip Insane Asylum (so maybe it was related to that), and Second, my father had passed away in a terrible car accident 2 months before I was born and my oldest sister (who has also passed since then) used to swear that my father would visit her just like my younger sister has visited me. I only stumbled across this blog because I was trying to figure out why my O- blood type was so rare.

  84. Michelle on August 1st, 2011 9:42 pm

    Hello all..I found this website and find this all so interesting .I am RH- and have always felt that I didn’t belong..pretty much since I can remember. My whole family tan easy and have dark eyes and dark hair…I on the other hand have to stay out of sunlight, have freckles, light blue eyes and a red tint to my hair. I can remember times when I was 3 and 4 yrs old and dreams that I had then. I have had too many dreams and experiences to mention in one post. I have been in 4 horrible car accidents and walked away unharmed from them all with the feeling that I was spared for something more. I suffer from sleep paralysis and was wondering if anyone else did? I only have 1/2 kidney and my body functions perfectly normal despite this fact.

    The past 12 months or so i have had the feeling that something big is getting ready to happen and that i should be prepared (or that I already am?) My dreams and sleep have been disrupted as well as my general sense of well being..which is strange for me. Was wondering if anyone else was noticing any changes in their patterns as well?

    I have always said that my feelings are stronger than some I can’t control my emotions at times. I can usually tell before the phone rings who will be on the other line and how they are feeling..although this is stronger with some. I find it interesting that there aren’t a whole lot of facts about RH- people and where our blood really comes from. I want to find out as much as possible on this subject and appreciate the information on this website.

  85. ann on August 6th, 2011 1:27 pm

    i’ve just been browsing the net aswell as this site regarding rhesus negative blood types.fascinating stuff!!i want to learn more!!awaken these feelings i have inside that are just rumbling under the surface right in contact with similar people to myself to perhaps make some kind of sense of all this.i am B- myself.i have naturally dark hair with a reddish tinge,eyes that fluctuate between green and brown,alot of freckles,i feel cold even when those around me are too warm, i have always felt that i don’t belong here,had experiences of the supernatural kind,have very dry skin…..and on a maybe more human level?i have 7 children-6 are girls-2 of which have webbed toes,am very maternal(bit of an earth mother) i guess i’m feeling abit disoriented at the moment.i would welcome any feedback from like people…

  86. Michelle on August 6th, 2011 10:28 pm

    @Ann..i guess I also feel a bit disoriented at the moment..but I feel like you there is something just under the surface and maybe i need awakening. I have very low blood pressure and am always cold..even when others are burning up. I also have a ton of freckles and am told that i look like I am from somewhere else all the time by strangers..people even walk up to me in public places to ask me where i’m from..which I find a bit funny but odd also since this has been happening most of my life. I have had some (more than) strange supernatural as well as spiritual experiences. Very strange dreams and reoccurring as well. Sleep is just a strange thing for me. I want to learn as much as I can about these things because I have always felt weird and held a lot inside because of that. Ann. do you know how many of your children have RH- blood type? When I found this website I was enthralled at the similarities that people with our blood type have. I have never really shared my “feelings” with anyone except my husband and I can see some of the same traits in my youngest son…who seems to be in his own little world most of the time. He says he talks to his ghost friends all the time..he is 6 and has never had imaginary friends and protests that the people he talks to are real. I am a psychology major and there is a total difference in the two. I apologize for the long message…. i think that I am just a bit excited.

  87. kat on August 8th, 2011 4:48 am

    hi, all i was looking at why O- is rare and came across this site. i have experienced all the things mentioned previously. can i add that my dad is part of the rex deus. i keep wondering when something is going to happen eg like from the stars lols. weird thing is i am also a nurse and O-.

  88. TinyCelt on September 6th, 2011 7:01 pm

    Hello everyone,

    A Neg here; My stats:

    Hospice nurse
    High IQ
    Low blood pressure
    Low temperature
    Blonde straight fine hair
    Big, blue/gray eyes (they change color)
    Transluscent, thin skin
    Freckles on shoulders
    Tiny stature, 5’2″, 100lbs. (Welsh, English, Irish heritage – A Celt for sure)
    Lucid dreamer – I can fly in them, remember them, talk to the dead in them
    Don’t look like anyone in immediate family, nor are any of them Rh negative – father has dark brown hair, brown eyes, mother had curly red hair, green eyes, brother has brown hair, hazel eyes
    Once I may have knocked a plant off a table with my mind, but that was in the 70′s (LOL)
    Bright lights and flourescent lights hurt like hell, can’t drive at night because I can’t see well (and when I do, streetlights go out mysteriously when I drive by them)
    But, I’m over 50 and have never needed glasses except to read; I can read at great distances with no help at all – weird
    Malls, crowds in general give me the creeps, but malls especially for some reason. I won’t go unless I have to
    When I walk down a busy street, I can pick someone out and to myself think, “look at me,” and they will. I’ve done this all my life. It’s kind of fun
    Enjoy living alone now (am divorced), I am not lonely (I have a dog), and feel misunderstood about that. I tend to detach these days from family and friends, I think because I have been so empathetic I’m exhausted? Does that make sense to any of you?
    Overthink everything, over-analyze everything as you can tell
    Always need answers to stuff, I feel compelled to find out why? I always need to figure stuff out
    Serious mystery scar
    Tinnitus – 24/7 ringing in ears
    Pretty accurate human precognition – I often know who’s calling, what they’re going to say before they say it, what’s going to happen in a film, tv, etc. When someone’s telling me a story, I can guess the end with some accuracy
    When I call someone, they tell me, “I was just thinking about you,” all. the. time.
    2nd and 3rd toes are webbed
    Anyone else have double-jointed thumbs? No one in my family has them
    Have had feelings lately that something’s about to happen; just saw the slowest falling star ever the other night, as slow as and as big as the headlight of your car going down your driveway, but in the sky going due east to west. I watch the sky a lot
    Electronics go wacky on me all the time; batteries die, lightbulbs explode
    Before I heard about this whole Rh neg/reptilian alien thing, I wrote it in a screenplay and thought it was original. I wrote about the prejudice and chaos that would ensue when it was proven that Rh pos people evolved from apes from this planet and Rh neg people were from other celestial bodies.
    Have always had interest in celestial and nautical navigation, piloting boats in navigation competitions
    Non-religious and non-belief in god(s) or the dogmatic creation myths
    Animals get me and I get them
    Feelings of being… different. Not special, not better, not superior at all, just… different.

    There’s probably more, but I think that’s enough for now. It’s nice to “meet” you all and read your stories, and I’m wondering right now if we’re all experiencing an awakening or warning from our celestial families (if that’s true or even possible) about the prejudice I mentioned earlier. We all know how fear creates monsters… they might just fear us. How very sad and ironic that would be.

  89. T Irizarry on September 11th, 2011 11:05 pm

    I’ve been researching this topic all night, it started with my own curiosity due to my Basque heritage.. I know exactly what you mean by being so empathetic it exhausts you. When I was little..maybe 6, I remember once my parents were both sick and when they were sleeping I crawled between them, put one hand on each of them and just focused really hard on wanting to ‘absorb’ the sickness from them. Pretty sure they got better quickly, bit what child does that?!

    I’ve also had MANY creepy experiences with psychic abilities of my own…strange synchronization with people..people stare at me all the time, I get recognized instantly even if I’ve only met someone once or they’ve only seen me from a distance before. Very intuitive people have said there’s something unique about me they cannot describe. I’ve ALWAYS felt disconnected from the human race..since I can remember. Had an experience on DMT where I was convinced I was part of something separate.
    I look very Basque, and I’ve always had vivid dreams…a lottttt of dreams about the apocalypse..or at least some huge change in the world where there is mass panic..tidal waves. I really want to get my blood tested for the rh- quality. Also, ever since I can remember I’ve ‘known’ I would be part of/witness a huge revolution. Does everyone feel this way or is this basque/reptilian thing something to really be considered?
    Reading these posts has made me feel so connected to something that is hard for me to I am part of something and so are you. Something that is not obvious or even suspected to a lot of other people. Thoughts?

  90. T Irizarry on September 11th, 2011 11:25 pm

    one more thing…the physical characteristics of the rh- folk, it’s uncanny. I’ve got the intense hazel eyes, prominent tailbone, I’m anemic..low iron…cold a lot of the time. Low blood pressure..problems with stomach acid..and I have never broken a bone or had chicken 25. My mom has also never broken a bone or had chicken pox. And we share similar psychic abilities.

  91. daisey on October 1st, 2011 4:33 pm

    hi, im rh negative…….. i feel the same too, my eyes change colour, cant stand daylight, ok at nite..ear problems, pick up a lot of vibes and thoughts from others people do look at me strange been asked a few times (who r u?) i feel i dont belong here and need to go home..can read symbols and numbers easily. we shood all get together, prehaps we are related to each other !

  92. Prometheus on October 16th, 2011 12:02 am

    Hello all,

    I am Rh-negative, and although I can’t say I have increased psychic ability necessarily, I definitely have many other of the traits that have been associated with being Rh-negative, including being obsessed with the Rh-negative factor itself.

    Anyone who is interested in learning more about Rh-negative should check out this article I wrote on the subject, where I summarize all of my research.

    I would like to say that I do not particularly believe in either the reptilian, or the neanderthal explanations. The reason for this is there are many very good points against these theories, which are discussed by Roberta Hill in her book, which I link in my article.


  93. jb on October 18th, 2011 6:50 am

    Nonsense, especially this portion of your article: In its barest sense, an alien life force, the result is a human with extra sensory power that lends itself to psychic ability. Rh-positive individuals are not as psychic because they are descended from rhesus monkeys that have only the positive factor and no link to the cosmic influence.

    First of all no one has descended from any primate. Primate influence, whether to whatever extent biological or otherwise has been “discarded” separating our human species from that pool. In other words from a general pool, the homo sapiens gave differentiated themselves, separated.

    To make a statement like RH positives have NO LINK TO COSMIC INFLUENCE is huge assumption. What real evidence do you have that documents this? What if I were to tell you that I am RH positive and have MANY LINKS TO COSMIC INFLUENCES?

    There is a whole lot of misinformation and disinformation on the internet regarding RH negative people which all types of RHs and other blood types need to be aware of.

    I am not saying that evolution is completely mistaken, but that its a matter of what and how you look at things, its the donut or the donut hole analogy, or is the glass half full or half empty.

  94. humblelady on October 26th, 2011 10:32 pm

    I had a dream two or three nights ago that God or Jesus told me I shouldn’t worry anymore about why I don’t fit in with the world.
    I had been very depressed lately because I just never seem to connect with people or have any true friends even though I know I am a good/friendly/likeable person. It seems I try my best to connect with others and be there for them but in the end I am just ignored or treated badly. I also have noticed jealous behavior from people and I can never figure out the source of this because I am not a boastful or arrogant person AT ALL. Anyway, I guess it was really getting to me and I was really feeling down. I have always been so concerned about other’s feelings and “wear my heart on my sleeve”. Perhaps I am too sensitive, but I was to the point of really questioning myself after several (possibly meaningless) incidences with my friends had left me feeling hurt. I don’t ask or whine, I keep this to myself.
    So- back to the dream. It was out of nowhere. I have never that I can recall ever had a dream like this. My dreams are usually much different and seem to be mostly warning/foreboding type dreams. There were no actual words spoken in the dream, but somehow I knew what I was being told. I could see wings from a being I assumed was an angel and I was being told this is where I came from, this is why I am always on the outside, this is why I feel so deeply about people and things, this is why I am treated badly at times even by people I am sincerely kind to, the list goes on and on. I woke up feeling so much better and just at peace. I honestly thought it was just some great explanation and really fit. I also knew it was crazy and not anything I would ever tell to anyone I actually know.
    As a result of that dream I started searching Angel DNA on the internet and read a few things. My heart nearly stopped when I came across a site that mentioned a connection with Rh negative blood types. See- I am B negative.
    As for everything else I have found, I am afraid a lot of it is just too ‘out there’ for me. This is a hard topic to get good info on. I am not a conspiracy theorist by any means and I don’t believe I am from another planet or better than an Rh positive person or any of that.
    Considering some of the things I have read on here, I am almost embarassed to post this. I thought the earlier comment about all this being a load of satanic nonsense was actually funny. I agree with Calypso also in that most of the websites I have seen, there is a lot of arrogance going on. There’s even the suggestion that Rh negative people should not ‘breed’ with Rh positives.
    If you think Rh negative is from a higher life form which bred with a human, then where does that prejudice come from. Obviously there was no prejudice going on at the time this possible ‘crossing over event’ happened.
    Until now I’m in my (30s), I had never heard all this “blood of the Gods” stuff. It’s all new to me and unfortunately I am disappointed in what I am finding.
    As far as IQ- yes mine is high, electrical things screwing up/static electricity-yes, vivid dreams and end of time dreams- often, I have always been intuitive and had strange coincidences happen or had dreams occasionally that came true. I have even wondered before about the electicity thing because it is unusual. Who is to say all of that has only to do with blood type though? There are some other similarities I have that I’ve seen mentioned, but I have definitely never been abducted by aliens or healed people. I think some of this is wishful thinking for some who want to feel important or like they belong to something different and unusual. I do not feel I am seperate from the world though, even if I often feel I don’t fit in. On the contrary I feel that we are all part of each other in some way no matter what our blood type. I do not like some of this ‘darkness’ that seems to be surrounding this topic and I would rather be ignorant I suppose. I think more could be gained by a real collection of facts and not wild claims and speculations.
    I would be very interested in knowing what commonalities Rh negative people truly share.

  95. Anna on November 6th, 2011 11:36 am

    I am a 51 year old female. I have red hair, blue eyes. My family trait is an extra tailbone. My children have them too. My sister has extra rib. I am O- blood type. I have low blood pressure and generally like it warm. I know when people are coming and when things are going to occur. I am not crazy. I am somewhat a loner, but do enjoy social activities. Is there anyone else out there like me?

  96. Acaliaacehync on November 10th, 2011 5:11 pm

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  97. Krista on November 21st, 2011 4:44 pm

    When I heard about the commonalities between rh- individuals I started to research it. I thought, Aha! This could be it! The reason why I have always felt so isolated in my quest for the truth. Why I care so much, think so much, feel so much. I have always questioned everything for as long as I can remember. I am very intuitive and psychic. I know when animals are pregnant before they show, and when women are pregnant before they know.
    I have very intense visions, often involving my third eye and light traveling in and out of my body to and from the stars (no drugs involved). I have blue eyes and a high iq. I feel out of place in this world that is so superficial and disconnected.
    I have deep dreams that lead me into different realms, places that I know exist and feel more real than this world we exist in.
    I also am extremely sensitive to artificial light, artificial noise, artificial food and fragrances.
    I also “look different” People have been commented since I was young on how pretty my face is and how delicate I am, like a fairy. The number of people that have called me a fairy has to be in the 100′s.
    I have low-blood pressure and like to be warm.
    So, I have almost everything in common with all your rh- types on here.
    Except, I am not rh-. I am rh+.

    I still find this all very interesting- but the idea that being rh- somehow links you with the gods is a little limiting. If we are speaking of higher consciousness than wouldn’t we be speaking about something that is not as physical as the rh gene?

    I think we are all here for a reason- we all have been lucky enough to somehow started on a conscious journey. We are tapped in enough to know that our bodies do not like msg (it’s not natural!) and intense electrical currents. We are tapped in enough to feel things and respond to them with awareness. I don’t think this is due to whether we are rh- or rh+. I think it has to do with being human, it is in all of us. It just is a matter of this consciousness finding us and us recognizing it as something that is intrinsic to us.

  98. Krista Gallagher on November 21st, 2011 4:54 pm

    To add to my above comment- I also have never had chickenpox or broken a bone- I am petite- I feel okay once bright light softens to sunset and night comes- I know when someone is about to call or show up at my door-I overanalyze everything-I have double-jointed thumbs.
    BUT once again I am rh POSITIVE.
    There are BILLIONS of human beings on this earth! Of course we have things in common after ending up on this site! It doesn’t have to be about rh and to make it so is sad and limiting. It is about consciousness. We are all spiritual beings.
    Completely agree with an earlier commentator’s post:
    Our conclusion… LOVE is the factor in this quest to understand true power. Blood type/genetics inherently create physical limitations for the spirit personality but at the same time infuse evolution through reflective existence, which is like resistence to enforce willpower growth. Power is not derived from the physical world. It is all things it is you.

  99. shannon on November 23rd, 2011 8:48 pm

    O negatives can heal and bring the dead to life,once they have become complete within themselves…

  100. shannon on November 23rd, 2011 8:50 pm

    Once you become complete within yourself…

  101. mike on December 30th, 2011 11:19 pm

    I am rh- negative and since childhood i have had psychic abilities and can sense things in advance before they happen. I can read peoples character and thougths accurately.

    I am by nature very loving, caring, gentle, kind, nurturing and compassionate.

    I am sensitive and sensitive to sun light. I am a vegetarian and a quiet and private person and keep to myself a lot. I live in the country on a rural property near the ocean. I don’t like crowds, noise loud or aggressive people.

    My hearing and eye sight are very sharp as well as all my other senses including my 6th sense.

    I am a male 55 yrs of age and I have never been to hospital, I take no medications and I am quite fit and healthy for my age. I have never taken any illicit drugs, I don’t smoke and I don’t drink alcohol.

    I love and respect nature and i help people who are less fortuneate than me and I can heal.

    I have been abducted by ET’s and have seen many ufo’s since my early childhood and I also have vivid dreams in colour and I astral travel often.

    I don’t think that I’m special. I am lucky and very grateful having these qualities and gifts which I share to benefit others.

    I am not a selfish person. I am a giver and not a taker.

    I feel that I don’t belong here on Earth although I know I am here to help others to be happier and find peace and grow and develop spiritually.

    People always come to me when they have personal problems and they will open up and talk to me and this also applies to people that I have only met once or twice, they feel a need or urge to talk with me and tell me their personal problems and lifetime story etc.

    I know of other rh – negative people who are similar to me.

    Yes rh + positive people or 85% of the worlds population evolve from the ape/mokey. Christian religion will always oppose this strongly however the good news is we are very close now to being able to prove that this true as real scientific evidence will fully support this 100%

    That is the main reason why so many people on this Planet are aggressive, violent, hurt others, are greedy, very competive and very materialistic, selfish and why we have so many wars and conflicts with regards to religion, politics, race, sexuality etc. Many people are still very poor in spiritual development and growth but rich in wealth/ money/ house/ car/ high paid job, modern technology and gadgets etc. The human race has a lot to learn. We all need to give each other unconditional love, empathy, understanding, patience, tolerance and peace on a universal level.

  102. Desiree on December 31st, 2011 10:09 am

    I am also O- and have allergies; so severe that it almost killed me. Have to go natural as medical doctors almost did me in because of their denial of symptoms. A naturopathic dr pretty much saved my life. I also subscribe to the writings of Dr. Peter D’Adamo and his “Eat Right for Your Type Diet”. It was eye opening to say the least. We are different for sure but I do not believe I came from a reptile, out of space (even though I was born in Roswell) or a monkey I came from a loving creator.

  103. Holly on December 31st, 2011 3:17 pm

    I have had a hard time believing the crap organized fear based religions believe, so I decided to study metaphysics and become a Metaphysician, it explains a lot of the things I didn’t understand before.

    Have any of you read anything on metaphysics? We are all the same no one is more special than another, it’s who uses their abilities and who is ready to know there is something more to this life than what mindless religions have feed us over the generations. Maybe if people would stop separating themselves and stop being negative the world would be a better place. Stop acting like your better we are one in the same all connected no different just different experiences we have in this reality. I have special gifts just as all others do I know things, feel things, see things and have had a history of family that is awakened to how special we all are, not because I am RH negative or RH positive! It’s the choice to listen to or not listen to the power and knowledge we all hold within us.

    my previous comment is Holly on June 3rd, 2011 12:48 am
    I have not found out my blood typed or found out if i am an RH negative candidate. However, I have a weird way of knowing if someone is going to die that is related to me. Example I was talking about my cousin one day who I haven’t seen or thought about in 15 yrs and the next day my mother calls and says she has been in an accident and her oldest child was killed (age6). I had a weird sense of loss just before my father died. I have a nagging feeling I have something important to do like my life is meant for something bigger. I have a horrible horrible problem with static electricity ie. I have large bolts of electricity that shoot out of my fingers when the weather changes. I can’t push a cart at a grocery store with out shocking my partner. I have seen pictures move up and off of nails then set back down, I have heard my dad call for me to get something for my sister only to find out he was in bed asleep and I didn’t know because I was doing homework or having seen something that looked like my sister get into bed with her after it crawled out of my parents bedroom and grabbed my foot at 3am, just after I heard what I thought was my sister and parents talking about snow only to wake to my dad saying it snowed wake up! Me saying I know you were talking about it last night and autumn for some reason was crawling on the floor pregnant. We moved a week later due to my sister being pregnant and something getting into bed with her. My mother is gifted and her mother and her mothers mother was as well.

  104. mike on January 1st, 2012 6:22 pm

    It is very hard for most people to believe that rh- negative people are partly alien and that rh+ positive people are from the monkey or ape.

    It obviously insults many people and it is fear and a lack of understanding and wisdom that causes this mindset and attitude.

    Most people stay in their familiar comfort zone and have been conditioned from very early childhood by their parents to believe, accept and follow what their parents do ie. religion and the way they live their day to day lives etc.

    It is just a matter of time before we know more in relation to these so called mysteries. The answers along with the truth will slowly unfold. The Government already knows and they keep it a top secret from the people of the world and they leak very tiny snippets over a long period of time to guage people’s reaction and feedback and when people are to the point that they are far more open and accepting of such things as this topic/ subject including ufo’s, et’s etc then and only then will the Government reveal the truth pertaining to these so called mysteries and secrets.

    To reveal this to the masses of the world too soon would cause panic and it would close the door on the main stream religions of the world as it would expose how false they are.

    Even Sir Winston Churchill once said that we must keep ufo’s secret and deny their existance or it will be the end of Religion in this world. During WW2 many fighter pilots and bomber pilots on night bombing missions sighted and reported ufo’s and the Ministry of Defense as per usual swept it under the carpet, out of sight and out of mind.

    Religion causes bloodshed, war, suffering, violence, poverty, discrimination and hatred through out the world and historically has been doing so for the past 2,000 years. Religion is a very powerful tool or instrument to control and manipulate the masses from early childhood to old age or the grave.
    Religion uses fear to control the masses or the flock.

    Eventually in time real and solid hard evidence will support this and the people will be free as a new spiritual awakening evolves on our planet and we finally close the door on a false man made system and follow a natural and spiritual path to universal enlightment.

    Christian religion has been found as false by secret scrolls found deep inside the vatican vaults by a traniee priest. You can find the real truth pertaining to this in detail and backed with very supportive documented evidence in the books titled
    The Crucifixion of Truth and The Bible Fraud by Tony Bushby.

    Christians have been hood winked for thousands of years.

    The reason why many rh- negative people have psychic abilities is because their blood contains very high levels of copper not found in rh+ positive blood people who have high levels of iron in their blood.

    Copper is a conductor of electricity and it is very sensitive to electromagnetic waves and the human body has electricity to keep the heart beating and pumping blood as well as to keep the brain functioning etc. That also explains why so many rh- negative people have problems with static electricity, shock from shopping trolleys and in some cases interfering with electrical appliances etc.

    rh- negative blood is also royal blood or blue blood as copper in the blood once oxidised turns blue.

  105. Sandra Barr on January 6th, 2012 3:28 pm

    Desiree, my allergies seem to have got worse as I got older, they are now at the point when I have to eat near all organic food, and doctors dentists etc wont even touch me. I have not been well for a few months, and they cannot even do the tests they need to diagnose me, as they know I would be allergic to things they would have to use. I now have to treat everything holistically.
    Mike, that was a lovely post, so much of it rings true for my own life.

  106. malhomme christian on January 17th, 2012 8:53 am

    Bonjour à tous ( rh négatif ou positif peu importe à présent.. car ” elle tourne encore !” )

    Beaucoup d’experiences citées correspondent à mon vecu ( 63 ans) mais la norme n’existant pas je me suis toujours senti différent , ce qui finalement me semble bien normal …!
    Je suis 0 – comme le sont mes ‘petits enfants et ai été étonné par mes aptitudes à déchiffrer les intentions ou propos de mes interlocuteurs avant qu’ils ne les ai exprimés et exposés et dois à présent faire un effort pour donner l’impression d’ecouter pour ne pas deranger , j’essaie donc de faire un effort en ce sens et différer la reponse et applique de ce fait une méthode ” tactique verbal ” au niveau du langage qui semble détruire toute la spontanéité et la fraicheur de ma pensée qui me caractérisait …et suis amener à faire du réchauffé pour ne pas deplaire
    Je bénéficie de certains dons comme tous les être humains et m’amuse parfois à les stimuler et suis étonné de voir que çà marche le plus souvent y compris via des expériences ” spirites ” pour m’amuser et peux faire tourner les tables par exemple ou mettre en oeuvre une force qui semble attractive ….

    Je mets en oeuvre cette force dans la pratique de l’ Aikido que j’enseigne ,elle s’appelle KI ou énergie en Japonais , elle fait fonctionner l’Univers comme nous l’exprime le Maitre UESHIBA Fondateur de la discipline ….le probleme est de partager cette force car la majorite des pratiquants préfère : Re formuler des techniques bien souvent sans ame plutot que d’exprimer le KI dont l’ AIKIDO est l’etude .

    Le probleme serait pour moi de croire que ces dons m’appartiennent car j’ai comme l’impression qu’il ne sont pas de moi et qu’ils coulent cependant d’une source …..Universelle autre que la mienne….Alors si : O- c’est ETRE tout simplement là ou nous sommes , là est la vraie question : ETRE ou ne pas etre l’ETRE humain ou finalement cet extraterrestre que nous ne sommes peut etre pas encore ?….

    Amicalement et sincèrement . Christian Malhomme .

  107. nancy on January 26th, 2012 8:47 am

    I am preparing now for my youngest daughter’s wedding on Coronado Island. I have always loved being either in the country or close to the ocean. I also have never broken a bone and seem to love many people, but find it hard to connect with my soul mate. I divorced 13 years ago when I didn’t feel connected to my husband. I was married 25 years, but had an odd empty feeling.
    One comment for some Rh+ people that have many psychic abilities, you may be rh+ but recessive negative and not know. My parents were both A+ and I am Rh-, A- . I would like to meet another Rh- man & see if that soul mate feeling would be natural. I am in my 50′s and most people say I look like a sister to my three A- daughters.
    I love being active & am slim, blonde, blue eyes.

  108. Breege on February 1st, 2012 5:07 am

    Why are people here focusing so much on skin/hair/eye colour when it comes to rh negative traits.
    My friend is RH neg and she’s black (Afro Carribbean).

  109. Dorcus on February 7th, 2012 1:58 am

    l am so moved obyall these common things with Rh neg personalities. l am B Rh neg, my husband is A Rh positive, we have 2 kids, first is a girl and AB Rh positive, the second is a boy AB Rh neg. it is so amaizing, my son understands me very fast, we have so many things in common, much as he is still too young. back to myself, l am generally too kind to many but l do not get the same treatment from others, l ended up having adaptation measures, inorder to make more peace. l am very empathetic, l easily cry over so many issues, a am a real resource/asset to the people l interact with in the day to day life.

    W do not choose where to belong, it is God who is the final person, let us alway remember to make wherever we are a better place than we found it. God bless you

  110. Dorcus on February 7th, 2012 2:01 am

    l am so moved obyall these common things with Rh neg personalities. l am B Rh neg, my husband is A Rh positive, we have 2 kids, first is a girl and AB Rh positive, the second is a boy AB Rh neg. it is so amaizing, my son understands me very fast, we have so many things in common, much as he is still too young. back to myself, l am generally too kind to many but l do not get the same treatment from others, l ended up having adaptation measures, inorder to make more peace. l am very empathetic, l easily cry over so many issues, a am a real resource/asset to the people l interact with in the day to day life.

    We do not choose where to belong, it is God who is the final person, let us always remember to make wherever we are a better place than we found it. God bless you

  111. Adagio on February 28th, 2012 10:15 pm

    Hello My Fellow RH Negative Mates!

    I was born with 0- blood, my mother also an 0-. She and I are the only family members with hazel eyes, my grandfather, my mother’s father had light blue eyes. Out of my grandfather’s 12 children, no one inherited his eyes, he was also 0-.

    This is all new to me and reading up on all these facts after a friend informed me has brought new light into explaining certain things I’ve experienced and gone through in my life. I am currently in my 40s and live in Canada.

    I too experience acute ESP and always have a sense around people even though I know nothing about them personally. I have always had problems wearing a watch and now only do so when out for an occasion, or its pointless as they always tend to die on me.
    I have had premonition type dreams in my lifetime where things have happened just days or a week after I’ve had a dream about someone I know.

    I’ve experienced sightings – during the day, and no, I was not drunk nor under the influence of any drugs.. but I have seen what I believed at the time to be dark images of ghosts; once having one hovering over me, not being able to move nor speak and my eyes were open, and another incident happened outside, again during the day and on this particular day as I drove up my driveway to home I had been living in for over 10yrs, it was the first time I had a strange feeling and did not want to go into my home, at the time thinking perhaps a burglar might be in the home, but as I was having these thoughts on the driveway and sitting in my car, all of a sudden I had seen that same dark image swooshing its way around the front of my car and then moving behind one of the larger trees at the front of my home. I know this sounds strange, and no matter whom I’ve told; my husband, mother, in-laws.. no one believed me, but I know what I saw and I know what I experienced and it was real, I was not imagining all of this at all. It has never happened since.

    My body temperature also is consistent to what has been said, and my IQ is also higher than the average person. I also am unable to drink much alcohol and when I do it has an adverse affect on me.
    I’ve also always felt out of place on this earth, and there is no explanation for this as I was raised in a loving home, but that feeling inside me of not belonging was consistently felt throughout my life, as though something was missing, I never quite felt whole or complete as though there was a mission I had to accomplish.. I do also have a tendency to disrupt electrical appliances and the sort, which is fascinating to know that this too is part of our genetic makeup of being an O negative.

    I hope that one day, it will be discovered as fact, as to where we have all derived from originally, it would bring solace to know for certain! For now, I am proud of being an 0- even with all my quirky traits

    To all O Negatives out there, feel special! And remember to
    Give Blood & Save those in Need!

  112. jessica douglass on March 8th, 2012 6:59 pm

    So I live in new London CT. I have been researching this topic all day! Like most of you I’m rh negative and so is my five year old daughter. I’m 24 and again like most of you I have the same traits green eyes that cHange and are very intriguing eyes reddish hair pale skin very double jointed all over a ton of electrical malfunctions premonitions the feeling of having a greater purpose and so on! So many to name…. I’m very interested in this topic and not at all interested in being proven wrong so any positive feedback would be greatly appreciated;) p.s. I do also understand both sides of this topic nd the side views as well thanks guys!

  113. jessica douglass on March 8th, 2012 7:01 pm

    Also I will be donating blood shortly;)

  114. Micheal on March 13th, 2012 11:52 pm

    Ok so this is weird, last time I checked I was o+ and yet I sit here reading this rh- (started my research 4 hours ago) stuff and I realize I exhibit some of the same signs. I have hazel eyes, dirty blonde hair( was blonde till I was 10), I have very vivid dreams( current one is bout a girl I have never met or seen) that always repeat themselves action wise but the place is different. I have all my ribs( dr.s say men supposed to be missing one.) extra vertebrae. When I talk about people I noticed that I have started calling other people humans. I heal very fast, never had a broken bone( but should have and most certainly be dead 6x over), no common childhood deceases. High iq, attraction to the sciences( changed when I turned 20 and went to nature, metaphysics and spirituality) and I have always felt like I didn’t belong here on earth. I’ve been told I an old soul, I can feel power coursing thru my body but can’t control it( and afraid to since I’m not sure what will happen if I tap into it) and I feel like I’m to serve a purpose just not sure what it is. My mother is o+ as well but her sinsetivity

  115. Micheal on March 14th, 2012 12:00 am

    Ok so this is weird, last time I checked I was o+ and yet I sit here reading this rh- (started my research 4 hours ago) stuff and I realize I exhibit some of the same signs. I have hazel eyes, dirty blonde hair( was blonde till I was 10), I have very vivid dreams( current one is bout a girl I have never met or seen) that always repeat themselves action wise but the place is different. I have all my ribs( dr.s say men supposed to be missing one.) extra vertebrae. When I talk about people I noticed that I have started calling other people humans. I heal very fast, never had a broken bone( but should have and most certainly be dead 6x over), no common childhood deceases. High iq, attraction to the sciences( changed when I turned 20 and went to nature, metaphysics and spirituality) and I have always felt like I didn’t belong here on earth. I’ve been told I an old soul, I can feel power coursing thru my body but can’t control it( and afraid to since I’m not sure what will happen if I tap into it) and I feel like I’m to serve a purpose just not sure what it is. My mother is o+ as well but her sensitivity is way way way higher then mine. I didn’t find the out till after I started my research to find out what was wrong with me. Well she used to be able to move things with her mind but stopped for religious reasons. But she still messing with electricity.(making it go out). So if this is all for rh- people than how can I as a + exhibit the same signs as the rh- group? I have 2 solutions. ALL my dr.s are wrong and ur right. Ur wrong and my drs are right or a 3rd option ur both right and I just happen to be even more of a freak of nature. Pls present ur thoughts to [email protected]

  116. hetal on March 20th, 2012 4:10 am

    can we solve our property tension ? i want to be a lecturer can i

  117. Lynnette on April 20th, 2012 4:11 am

    I too am Rh-. I see so many similarities in the opinions expressed above. I have had vivid dream encounters. My mother actually used to parade me around as her “psycic child” long before I could even understand what was happening. I would like to talk to many of you. Is there a way for us to communicate in a more constructive fashion. I mean seriously…if we are on to something…shouldn’t we be holed up in a room somewhere making plans to take over the world. (just a bit of RH- humor). Please…let’s set our differences aside. I’m as hungry for answers as you are. What else do we have in common? There are many things to talk about. I would just like some feedback and then we can build our clubhouse…seriously.
    Blessings to you all. L.

  118. whiteracer on May 10th, 2012 11:38 am

    Speaking as a member of the blood type o group..i am super tired of these Rh-’s assuming that ONE mere gene which defines your blood by ITS OXYGEN CARRIER,
    the copper in rh- blood that reacts with o2 to look blue IS LITERALLY ALL AN RH- PERSON HAS TO BRAG ABOUT…again rh- gene is most well bred in the type o blood group as BOTH sare recessive genes and TEND TO OCCUR IN A CHAIN along with blue eyes blond or red hair white skin attached earlobes and a bump at the base of the skull…FACT IS THIS….the rh- gene is imperfect and was introduced to the type o blood group which is THE DEVINE BLOOD TYPE (type oblood is NOT found is any other ape species)…..anyway, my family is nfld irish island bred type o european pure…we all hav reddish blond hair and bright blue eyes, we have bodies like the greek statues and we never get sick and never break bones….we produce rh- phenotypes at a frequency of maybe 2 per generation…also we have virtually NO daughters and the ones we do have tend toward rh-….ALL of the RH- members of my faily hav bone deformities like hole in tailbone of spine…crooked spines….crooked ankles or fallen arches….one cousin also lost his adult teeth at 18 and grew in all new ones….since 1907 my family has produced only 5 rh- children out of a total of nearly 70 kids & grand kids…we have many twins in our family…many left handed or cross dominant people….100% blue eyed type o blood and my iq for example is 135 and i am cross dominant (form of ambidexterity) never broken a bone or even had a cavity in a tooth….i have prophetic dreams and have seen the future one at least 3 occasions that i wrot it down and it later would come true.(as far as 6 years into the future onetime to almost the very day) carved the vision into a tree,,,,so im type o RH POSITIVE…im as intellegent as ANY rh- of my blood type.(type a & b do not matter in this debete AT ALL regardless to rh type)
    yet physically im VASTLY superior to even the best rh- example even from my own family which is extremely pure blooded….
    so learn about how genes work if ur supposed to be so dammmmn smart ok rh- supremicists!!!!! you all sound like idiots talking like the rf factor gene plays any part in your intelect, ITS A FUNCTION OF YOUR BLOODS IMMUNE SYSTEM…

  119. Dracon_korin on May 14th, 2012 2:33 pm

    My mum has always told me I was o neg, and was later confirmed at the hospital when I was I a car crash (1 of 7 :( I wasn’t hurt bad.
    I have no special abilities, my IQ isn’t high but not low, I don’t really show many traits apart from love of space and feeling I don’t belong here, my eyes are sensitive to sunlight, I don’t seem to have any allergies and I’ve broken bones before and I hate crowds so much that it stops me going to town.
    Sleep paralysis has happene to me twice and I’ve been shaken awake once by nobody( I was still being shook when I was awake)
    I sometimes see geometric shapes when I lay in bed and every now and again I hear beautiful orchestral music when I’m falling asleep or just waking up, sometimes if I concentrate hard enuff I can hear music when I want.
    Id like these psycic gifts but I think My fear of them is blocking alot out. I remember alot of my dreams…. I’ve been back to one so many times I know the lay out of the old school building I seem to be in, I’ve been able to control a couple of dreams but it’s hard it’s like being drunk and concentrating to be sober, u can do it for a moment but ure brain finds it easier just to accept the drunken state. I think I’m starting to waffle on abit, I know I’m not alone with all u good people around, take care.

  120. Dracon_korin on May 14th, 2012 2:35 pm

    I forgot to mention my blood doesn’t turn blue when it meets with oxygen.

  121. Patricia Scott on May 27th, 2012 1:30 am

    I am A- and have been married to two A- ex husbands. I have 4 A- children from these marriages and 3 A+ children from my other marriages (4 marriages). CPS stole my 4 A-’s and placed them with a man and woman whom I knew who were supposedly Christians (found out later the mans dad is a shriner and thus beyond a 33rd degree mason- he dresses up as a clown for children and lives in california where the bohemian grove elite club is, that allegedly has all kinds of perversions sexual and otherwise present during their meetings) The doctors still tried to force Rhogam on me in spite of supplying proof that my ex husbands were A-. (I got shots for my rh+ pregnancies). I have had low blood pressure even during pregnancy and all natural births with no complications except some severe neonate jaundice, hazel eyes that have gold by pupil and sometimes green or bluish iris and celtic ancestry(both my parents have sea green eyes). I know you might find this hard to believe but God spoke to me out of the blue while doing dishes and said read my word, I can use you. The next day He told me to get rid of my idols (I used to collect angel statues)I obeyed both and He showed me things in the Word I never even heard in a church. I hadn’t heard from Him since that time except by spiritual guidance in discerning the metaphors in scriptures. I figured out why He decided to talk to me while doing dishes (scripture comes to mind- you make the outside of the platter clean but the inward is full of extortion and excess). Bible says you get clean by the washing of WATER by the WORD(bible–Savior is the manifest Word/Wisdom of God). I have had prophetic dreams that have come to pass in my life sometimes a year after dreaming them (the dream then comes to my remembrance when it happens). I had a few dreams yet to happen (1 I was ascending into heaven and saw a small group of people behind me on a roof top- before actually reaching heaven I awoke and had an unexplainable feeling throughout my body, not anything I have ever felt in my life nor ever will I’m sure- the dream was quit lengthy and detailed and upon awakening my oldest daughter before CPS took the kids told me I was only asleep about 5-10 minutes). I also dreamed before Bush became president (I liked him prior to this and didn’t listen to my dream) that he was in a small bathroom with the door shut which turned out to be he was “filth” and a liar because he is from satanic seedline and was not the christian he claimed to be/ his wife was standing in a shower stall with no water running in this dream. I later understood this dream after he was voted in. I had several dreams my children were missing before CPS stole them about a year prior and woke up crying. I had a dream I was in a house and saw an army tank down the hill out the back window and ran out the front door and up to the street and was screaming at people (there was a white horse on the road) you are going the wrong way(they were turning left on the road and very few people were going right) and started running looking for my children and everyone was in a sealed building because of some apparent radiation in the air (Fukishima is leaking radiation now and may explode) but space in the building was limited and not everyone could go to safety. A voice in my dream kept saying ORDER OUT OF CHAOS (NWO). I have prayed for John (O+) and his back pain was healed. I had a dream about me being in a narrow elevator PREGNANT and looking across and seeing a woman really skinny with black hair and thinking in my dream that girl needs to eat–later realized a few years it was me whom dyed my hair black and got skinny again)–remembered that dream after it happened. I can discern people and their inward intentions and have been physically attacked for exposing “their inward demons”(pedophile,gay,lust of others if I am in a relationship, cheating and whom with, lying) to them and they say is only in my head (it seems majority of people around me don’t see how the person really is and can’t see through their mask/facade). I have been healed from confirmed carpal tunnel. My mother is also A- and her hepatitis her ex husband gave her disappeared and her liver is great. My 2nd husband (A-)had quadruple bypass at 39 and since several heart attacks- he is 62 now and he had two new arteries grow where the dead part of the back bottom of his heart was inoperable. My bio mother got shot by her young husband in the head and lived and is not a vegetable and he ended up dying at work in the parking lot on their sons birthday (I was adopted by a man and woman whom were in army and later worked for AT&T which I found out did mind control experimentation–they always took me to the psychologist since adopted and put some probes on my skull–raised catholic but am just a bible believer now). The man whom tried to kill my father ended up shooting his brother and he died in dads arms (that mans son ended up getting murdered by someone and the guy who tried to kill dad ended up in a wheelchair for life). I RARELY get sick and can go years without a cold and if I happen to get one it is gone within 1-2 days. I have never had the flu. One night I woke up and felt something pressing on my chest, heart racing, couldn’t breathe–felt like something was half inside my body and half out, I rebuked the demon and was fine. I got a revelation of scripture that came into my head once before I even gave two thoughts about being any different as far as blood type goes. Jeremiah 31:27 Behold the days come saith the Lord, i will SOW (mingle) the House of Israel and the House of Judah with the SEED(offspring) of man and the SEED (offspring) of beast (rh+). Bible says the LIFE (identity) of all flesh is IN the BLOOD. The soul is in the blood. ABO rh+ is totally earthly humans and ABO rh- is half non earthly from breath of God and half earthly ABO. Adamkind was later known as hebrews and there will be a REMNANT of adamite hebrews left in the end (rh- is small amount on earth thus REMNANT). There were pre adamic people and i believe possibly 4 kinds of people in the garden since the bible speaks of the Euphrates river in the garden being divided four ways to separate the nations of people. Weak/partial D+ antigen happens in less than 1% caucasians (basques appear to be predominately O and A–Judah/Israel?) and is most likely the cause of rh- in the rest of the peoples who are supposedly “rh-” worldwide. The sons of God in genesis 6 are the sons of Adamites seedline and the false doctrine they were angels doesn’t coincide with the rest of scriptures(line upon line, precept upon precept) that NT say ANGELS are neither married nor given in marriage(sexual act/ marriage covenant–no marriage license in bible). Also God says He has never called angels Sons. Saviors geneaology goes back to Adam who is the SON OF GOD. adamites were never to mix with non adamic people or they lost the spiritual connection because they corrupted the image of God. Whenever they did this, they had to send their foreign wives and children away. bible says Noah was PURE in his generations (geneaology). The earth was destroyed with a flood because of adamites mixing with non adamites which caused corrupt DNA that God didn’t create (kind after kind produces like kind). God said all people were good the way He created them in the beginning. If he wanted them mixing then He would have made them that way to begin with but satan always tries to destroy Gods creation (trees in the garden are metaphors for peoples) and corrupt it. Bible says God rested and was DONE with creating on the 7th day. All animals and those who didn’t mix were put on the boat (KJV refers to the other people as “beast of the earth” or field- jonah 3 mentions these “beasts” AND MAN who have hands and ability to cry to God and turn from violence as well as put sackcloth on). african and asian bones are older because they were here first and possibly the australoid if there were 4 peoples including Adam Kind. in light of political correctness noone wants to speak the truth scientifically or otherwise for fear of being ostracized or deemed “racist”. truth is not racist. racism involves hatred of someone not like yourself..Truth doesn’t equate to hate. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.. he doesn’t change in spite of our humanistic ideologies. Savior said if your EYE offends you then pluck it out, if your hand offend you cut it off(keep this in mind that God is consistent and the punishment must fit the crime always in His eyes). We can use this to explain what happened in the garden as the original sin. satan was in the garden and inhabited the body of one of these other people or he had a body himself (not yet clear on this, but since satan is a spirit and the bible never says he was created a body then I am assuming he inhabited someone elses body to seduce Eve with) and impregnated eve with Cain (cains line is NOWHERE to be found in the geneaology of the savior that goes back to Adam) and then Eve came to Adam and gave of him to “eat” impregnating her with Abel(science proves you can be pregnant by 2 different fathers at the same time) and their eyes were opened and they knew they were naked and put figs leaves on. the punishment that Eve gets is conception and childbirth pain (the punishment fits the crime–fruit of the womb- reproduction pain.. Not stomach pain from eating an apple/fruit). Furthermore it says the WOMANS SEED(offspring) would be at enmity with the serpents SEED (offspring). cain(satans son) left the area after he got the mark from killing RIGHTEOUS ABEL (adams son) and was to be a WANDERER VEGABOND (zionist jewish people have been wanderers since their existence and been kicked out of every EU country throughout history for their high taxation and interest rates on loans, etc.) and apparently he can’t grow crops successfully either. this was the mark (some rabbis says they don’t have Cains curse anymore since the state of Israel has been established). jewish people admit in their writing that modern jewry walks in EDOM (Esau married into cainaanites and later khazars keeping the satanic spirit going more widespread through the bloodlines just as Gods spirit image descended through Adams seedline later know as hebrews). Mixing Adams seedline destroy the spirit connection(that is why the hebrews couldn’t keep their foreign wives and children born of them and says Solomon and other hebrews sinned in this way throughout time-spiritual mentality seedline) but it doesn’t when Cain mixes as he is a copy cat but it doesn’t work the same way for his seedline/fleshly mentality seedline. The ruling elite are satans seedline and the rh- are Adams. satans seedline will be destroyed in the end (Judas iscariot was a Cainaanite and betrayed Savior and hung himself). I don’t know what the original blood type ABO Adam rh- was because Savior says if the SALT has lost its SAVOR wherewith shall it be salted, it is good for nothing but to be trodden under foot of men (you said O- have to sit in bath salts to get enough in their body?). remember womans seed/blood would kill satans not the other way around. O- kills noone but A,B kills O when transfused. You mention DRACO O- (is this what you are talking about? They say majority of ruling elite is O- and if they follow O- people makes sense they would want to keep track of their own and hate the rest from Adam). i don’t know, just a theory when I saw you say something about SALT and O- being salt deficient/ not having enough.
    I guess I will leave off for now. Anyone who sees this can feel free to email me anytime at [email protected]

    They call type DRAC-O. The elite are in charge of science and almost all aspect of information dissemination. Maybe they gave us a clue of what is what.

    Bible says the life(identity-soul) of all flesh is IN the BLOOD.

    Blood types:
    A= Adam
    AB= Adam/Beast
    B= Beast

    O= DRAC-O serpent in garden and is Cain

    bible says the LIFE(soul/identity) of all FLESH is IN the BLOOD. ABELS blood cried from the ground.

  122. Patricia Scott on May 27th, 2012 2:06 am

    AB- could also be a original blood type of Adam and Eve. When Israel and Judah split into two house it could have cause the separation of A and B. AB- could come from intermarriage of Israel A- and Judah B- thus offspring AB-.

  123. Patricia Scott on May 27th, 2012 2:11 am

    Non caucasians with rh- aren’t truly rh- but have a weak D+ or partial D+ antigen which appears to be rh- on normal blood testing and this happens in less than 1% caucasians who are deemed rh-.

  124. valerie on July 2nd, 2012 6:17 am

    Im B-….. I would have never considered myself psychic or a healer. Just recently I became a massage therapist. Sometimes I cry when Im having to massage a client. I feel like Im absorbing what ever mental pain they are going through. I didnt believe in absorbing others peoples pain. I thought i was just crazy for crying when i had to massage some people. Then I massaged a lady one time, and i couldnt stop crying, she was passed out asleep,she didnt even know i was crying. but i knew she had been through something horrible. When she left I asked someone who she was or if they knew her. come to find out she just had a baby a week before and gave birth to a still born child. I dont tell the future, I dont read minds, but literally feel some peoples mental pain if I have to massage them for an hour or 2.

  125. rhrep on July 2nd, 2012 5:02 pm

    I think the jews are the most fascinating robbers to ever live on this planet. Unlike the blacks that steal material superficial things. the jew oh my god the fucking JEWS steal every asian science out there.

    Asia (India esp, highly organized) and Africa, their culture highlight more of a supernatural or psychic element that is played in their day to day lives. Africa’s living has depleted to more of christian based brainless thinking living, but many have diluted the christian faith mix with dangerous evil vodoo traits. So why are europeans considered to be mostly RH negative with psychic abilities? typical JEW always trying to keep himself highly intellectually distinct. WELL GUESS WHAT YOU ARE NOT, YOU’RE JUST FUCKING ROBBERS!

  126. Angela on July 15th, 2012 9:27 pm

    I am A- and I can tell you straight up that you need to revise the following statement in your article: “Mothers who are rh negative must have a blood transfusion if their unborn child has an rh-positive factor. The antibodies of the mother will reject the unborn child.”
    WRONG. FALSE. There is absolutely NO reason why an Rh negative mother to an Rh positive child would EVER need a blood transfusion unless there was something else going on.

    1. Fetal blood and maternal blood generally never mix, unless there is some type of accident.
    2. If an Rh negative woman gets pregnant, she is given a shot of Rhogam halfway through her pregnancy as a preventative measure on the off-chance that fetal blood came into contact with the mother’s blood. I’ve had four children and NEVER had the shot during any of my pregnancies – only after delivery of my two Rh positive children. Some doctors consider all Rh negative women to be automatic high-risk pregnancies. That is just a load of “medical expert” crap.
    3. If, after delivery, the child turns out to be Rh positive, the mother is again given an injection of Rhogam. If she never gets the shot and only gets pregnant once, NOTHING negative will happen to her.
    4. Rhogam prevents the mother’s body from developing antibodies to the “foreign” markers in the Rh positive blood; much like any person’s body develops antibodies to any foreign substance (i.e. viruses, bacteria, allergens…) Without the shot, she will develop the antibodies which puts FUTURE pregnancies at risk – her built-up antibodies will recognize the “foreign” antigen (in this case the Rh positive blood of her child) and will destroy the developing fetus.
    5. This process is very similar to an allergic reaction; after initial exposure to a foreign antigen, the body produces antibodies to protect itself and produces various reactions in people upon subsequent exposure to the antigen. In the case of an Rh mother / Rh positive child, the antibodies kill the “foreign” body (the Rh positive child).

    If Rh negative women of childbearing age come here seeking “Divine Answers,” I suggest you give them the truth, not a falsehood that may scare them into never wanting to experience the joy of motherhood.

  127. Sage Hall on July 19th, 2012 1:04 am

    I am rh neg A. aparently its one of the rarer neg blood types but i know that ab neg is more rare. but anyway i dont have many expierences with the paranormal or and of my hidden phsychic powers. im 13 and i have Many veryvery vivid dreams. they scare me alot of the times because they are so real. and like many of you have said i also feel watched over constantly. its almost comforting. and a lot of the times i feel outa place. i mean i have many friends but i still feel distant. I really want to know how to get intune with my hidden abbilaties. and was wondering if any of you could help?

  128. Ardeshia on July 24th, 2012 8:32 pm

    Im also rh negitve I found out whn I was 18 I also have
    Had dreams tht have came true I can
    Also dream and wake and go right back to the dream
    I sometime. Can hear the phone ring before it rings
    Some of these things are a little strange to me

  129. Laurie on July 25th, 2012 4:12 pm

    When I had my first child is when I found out that my blood is Rh-Neg. I never thought much about it. Just recently I’ve come across information on Rh-Neg. I’ve been feeling the need to research my ancestors, and feel there is more information that has not been revealed yet. It’s like the planet is going through a change and there is nothing no one can do to stop it. This change is needed and is a positive change. It may not seem like it now, but we are changing at this very moment. Everything is of energy and vibrating at different frequencies. That means that we are changing our frequencies to a higher level. We are waking up as if we were in some kind of trance. Not sure if anybody can relate. Do you find yourself going through changes. Are you thinking about what your calling is? Are you not happy with your relationship and tired of it? Are you wanting to change your career, because your not happy in the one that you chose? Are you finding yourself getting rid of clutter in your home? Are you tired of being sick and wondering what the cause is? Are you tired of going no where and repeating the same pattern? The universe is forcing all of us to make changes. Pay attention to people you meet, a book that just show up. Do you ever wonder why does this keep happening? There is a message for you or lesson that you have not learned. Learn to meditate and quite your mind. Start thinking for yourself. Replace negative words with positive words. Visualize what you want in life. Be light not dark. By the way we are different, and continue to seek the truth. Laurie

  130. Jamie on July 26th, 2012 11:43 am

    I told my close friend/ cousin two years ago that I had an impending sense of doom. I have been fascinated with aliens the last two years as well. I did not have much contact with social media this was all just how I felt within. I had an immediate connection with my best friend Shannon from the moment I met her. I asked her a couple months ago how open minded and was, and ended up telling her I didn’t believe I was from this planet. That I believed all souls are just in a physical form whatever that for many be. I’m 31 and discovered at 21 I was B- when doing blood typing in vet tech school. I just left many husband after 10 years of verbal and most recent physical abuse. I could feel his pain for the entire time ide is a very unhappy Peron.

  131. Jamie on July 26th, 2012 11:48 am

    I could feel his pain the entire 10 years. Recently I have been experiencing visions

  132. Yelana on August 10th, 2012 8:29 am

    Hi All
    Just discovered this site and had to read the lot… going to bed mighty late as a result. I’m A RH neg,,, I liked the contribution from Laurie on July 25th 2012 and so agree with her in that we are being moved to make changes, lifestyle and otherwise, which I think will ul’timatley enable us to be more in tune with our true selves.
    I choose to live instinctively, it’s the only way for me now days.. listening to my intuition never leads me astray. Life just becomes easier as a result.
    I also loved Strider Holiman’s piece on Nov 20th 2010. A wise man indeed. I have made notes to remind me of the points he made. I have felt for a long while as if I’m living in a wierd computor game learning these lessons we chose before we came to this dimen’sion. The trick is to look on every experience as a benefit, not always easy though. As Strider says, “the spiritual realm is real,” And I agree that we are experiencing this life in a material/holographic realm…
    Blessings to all

  133. spiritual on August 18th, 2012 1:51 pm

    I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the structure of your blog?
    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect
    with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two images.
    Maybe you could space it out better?

  134. Sandria on October 5th, 2012 3:46 pm

    Hello, i would like to say im rh negative and im african american. As a child i seen shadow people, i also felt spirits jump into my body and they would keep me from moving or screaming but when i say Jesus they would leave that happened to of when i was about 10. I also witnessed a u.f.o as well i thought the world was coming to an end. I always felt different i dont like being around alot of people. I love to read and also have had alot of dreams that really took my by suprise in one dream i seen 3 horses come out of the sky they landed in front of me i wanted to ride the one in the middle but it wouldn’t let me they flew back to the sky. The only thing came to me was it wasn’t my time. I also had one about Jesus he was coming out of the sky and when i seen his face i woke up and that dream stills bothers me. I also get cold alot i just say my iron is real low when others ask me why you wearing a jacket. I have also had dreams that evolved around death that actually came true rather its relatives or people i seen or went to school with. My mom is rh negative but she dont believe in alot of things which really concerns me because she told me when she was about to give birth to me she saw a figure standing behind the door so she started to hollaring so the nurse came in the room so she told them what she saw so they put salt around her bed and the dark shadow figure started picking up the salt. But she said that she seen this because of the medicine they gave her. But it bothers me to this day because i also have a cut on my back but she says when i was a baby they cut me by mistake. I feel like its more to what she is telling me. Please help me if anyone else has had something similar happen to them. I also have a good vision that sometimes get the best of me. By the way im 31 and really need some good insight.

  135. Paul on December 3rd, 2012 8:10 am

    If I even begin to tell my story you would have to think I made it up. Will add more later on. Was literally up all night reading blogs on O negative blood. Have to run but will post as soon as I can.

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  143. Laurie on February 25th, 2013 6:24 pm

    This message is for Sandria….Oct 5, 2012 you were wondering if anyone can give you some insight…..I wanted to share with you that your dreams do hold meaning. Some are messages and some don’t make sense. There are many things that are kept from us, and the truth has been coming out. We are not alone in this universe or planet. Some of us can tap into a higher vibration and therefore can see things other people of lower vibration can’t. I believe if we are to go to a higher vibration, we would be able to see the dark shadows more clearly. There is much to learn about our DNA, which I believe can explain unanswered questions. Start writing your dreams down. You should be able to know which one’s are messages and which one’s are not. My guess is your very sensitive to energies and you get overloaded with too much of negative energies from other people or surroundings. You can use different crystals to help protect you. Please start learning about quartz crystal. There are many to learn. You need to discover why you are here. I would suggest you start learning how to meditate on a regular basis. Crystals can help you on your journey. You must take care of yourself. Start learning about nature’s blessings. The mind can create what you think about, because it’s made of energy as well. Learn how to grow things in nature. Dreams are only one why to receive messages. You might want to read up on Reiki. Dont give up no matter how hard things get. Never stop learning. many blessings to you. Laurie

  144. Tom on April 2nd, 2013 7:02 pm

    Ya i have had dreams of end the world junk years ago before i awaken from all the bullshit lies i have bought into in life. Now Iam tired and loosing the will to make a difference.I am O neg dont have any allergies maybe a cold once a year. No health problems but feel so slugish in the past two years. I have interest in herbs and spirtual and ancient civilizations. Was heavy into christian church but when ever i enter a church now i just see everything as fake and shows. I still believe in Christ but feel distant from it all anymore.Maybe just to much negativity im tuning into

  145. loeoqjsedz on April 9th, 2013 9:03 pm

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  146. Laurie on April 15th, 2013 1:09 pm

    Hey Tom, just read your post. I would suggest you buy a book for starters called QI Gong for total Wellness by Dr. Baolin Wu and Jessica Eckstein. Practice this faithfully. and start looking into changing careers. The reason why your seeing things differently is because there is a shift happening on the planet. We have been programmed to live in a box before. You shifted to a higher frequency and are able to live outside the box. We’re starting to wake up to the truth. You’re not alone with how you feel. I find it hard to believe that we are the only planet in this big universe that has life on it. Keep searching for the truth and find like minded people. We need each other to keep us from giving up. Stay strong. Many blessings. Laurie

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  149. Petunia Skrebbles on August 7th, 2013 1:47 am

    There is a massive block on any information to do with RH neg. I have gone down rabbit holes looking. I know that RH negs possess an increditble power, but anytime I get close to putting my finger on it. BAM,…… blank, no info, its almost like a door slams and there we are the door knob in our hands and no door. That video with 6 parts that someone posted on here, is now gutted. I am finding that more and more, the closer and coler I get.

  150. truth on August 7th, 2013 1:50 pm

    Is it possible to be a positive blood type & still have some/all of the RH neg traits?

  151. Veronika on December 23rd, 2013 4:33 pm

    I was shocked to my core when I came upon this site. I have started studying all things from religions to astrology, but it never occurred to me that your blood type can play such a big role. But I think I have now found the missing link.

    I don’t know my blood type for sure, but from reading all the similarities of RH negative blood types, I know for sure I am a RH Negative blood type. Although I will call my doctor tomorrow to find out what blood type I am.

    I know my mother is O Negative, so I certainly have inherited the blood type. I have Irish ancestry (Great Grandmother) and because I also have psychic abilities and I have heard from some of my family stories that we have supernatural abilities, and it goes back to the legend of the O’Conner family in Ireland, I started researching the Irish supernatural abilities and came upon this site.

    My mother is VERY Psychic, to the point that she is mentally unstable. We also sent her for an IQ test, and she scored 10/10 in ALL categories. Thus she is a mentally unstable genius and psychic. I know I also have a very high IQ, although I don’t know my score, I will now for sure go for a test. I have been a genius since I was little and me and my mother are like cosmic twins. We love the same stuff, hate the same stuff, and I look almost just like her… only difference, I’m not mentally unstable. I have observed my mother since I was young and made sure I don’t end up like her. I also have been a high achiever in school in all subjects.

    It all started when I was young. I can remember things I have thought since I was 3 years old. And I remember I thought about in a way I think about things now (maturely and wise). I was born an old soul and observed people since I was young. I also know exactly what people think and how they will react and are always able to ‘read between the lines’ and know exactly what is going on in a persons life without them ever telling me. I also know when people are lying and can sense a ‘bad soul’ from a mile away. I have saved many of my family and friends lives just by sensing a bad person and saving them from being robbed/raped/abducted. I also have no fear when I face these ‘bad souls’. For example this one time my aunt went into a public bathroom and a guy went in right after her in the hallway, and somehow I just instinctively knew I should follow. I was able to sense something bad was going to happen just by giving one look at him. In the end in the middle of the hallway I was behind the guy and my aunt (who also has psychic abilities) instinctively also turned around. And the guy immediately turned around only to be caught between me and my aunt glaring at him ready for a fight, looking very flustered from being caught red handed,he ran away.

    I didn’t grow up very well, because my mom was mentally unstable, I grew up in Foster homes and orphanages all my life, but even though I grew up in such bad circumstances, I still achieved very high in school and managed to survive. Since I was young (8 years old from what I can remember) I knew I had a very big destiny. But here I sit today and I’m still trying to figure it out. I remember when I was young electricity would also bolt when I came near plugs and shock me. But now that I’m older it’s not as prominent anymore. Maybe I’m just not in tune with my abilities because I’m trying to avoid it at all costs.

    I have major psychic abilities when it comes to the supernatural. From the age of 8-13 years old, a black human shadow (demon) haunted me every single night. I never told anyone about it because I was scared I would be declared mentally unstable like my mother. To describe the experience in detail, it always started with a dream. And it always happened after 3am in the morning. I would dream of a big flying dragon covered with the universe stars (his skin was the universe) and he would grab me by my feet and pull me out of my bed and fly into the universe with me while I was trying to grab anything on my bed trying to hold on. And the feeling was not a good feeling, it was a very bad evil feeling every time this happened to me. And when I forced myself awake and sat straight up in my bed, a dark human shadow would always lurk at the end of my bed and then start flashing towards me until it stood right over me and I would grab my blankets and hide under them and pray for it to go away until the evil feeling went away. Then I would come out from under my blankets and the shadow would be gone. This happened to me every night for 7 years. So after a while I mad sure I was awake when this happened and that it was not only a dream. And this didn’t happen to me at one residence. It followed me around anywhere I went. And at a point I started hearing swearing voices in my head every night and I couldn’t sleep. The last time it happened to me was when I was 13 and that night I was so fed up that I decided this will be the last of it. So that night I prayed and cried myself to sleep asking God to take it away (I am a Christian), and after that night the voices in my head, the dream and the shadow never returned. But I’m always afraid it will. And it did.

    I was staying at my aunts house for a while, and as I mentioned previously, she is also psychic. She never told me what she saw until we moved out of her apartment into a new one. She saw a dark human shadow in my room standing in the corner, and it never left. That’s why she always closed my door, I could never understand why my door was always closed. But she told me she prayed that God protect me, and she haven’t seen the shadow figure again.

    Since them I have married and also have a adorable dog. I also have a very strong connection to animals and they rather come to me than other people. My dog follows me around everywhere I go and are very protective over me. I got the dog to protect me because dogs can see supernatural beings too. And now, just by observing my dog, I can see when there is something or not. Something very strange that have been happening lately is that my dog would start barking right after 3am at something outside, and when my husband would look outside, there would be nothing. But my dog would go crazy and when my husband open the sliding door my dog would viciously squeeze through the gate, growling and barking, chasing after… nothing. My husband are very skeptical about these subjects and are basically an ignorant Christian. I never talk about these things to him, because he always blows it off and come up with ignorant excuses. But I know the shadow keeps following me everywhere I go… only I don’t know why and what it really is. It probably follows me because I’m psychic but I can’t see it anymore although it is there. But I know God protects me and I pray every night that he sends his angels to protect my house. That’s maybe why the shadow is now only outside and not able to come into my house.

    That said. I also have a a sixth sense. When I was 18 and going to college, 4 months into my first year of college, I started getting this very bad feeling. The same evil feeling I got when the shadow haunted me for 7 years. I had this feeling for an entire week like I knew something really bad was going to happen. So I called my mother (me and my mother are so strongly connected that we can feel when something bad was going to happen to each other) but she told me she was fine, so I called all my closest family and friends but all of them were fine too. They thought I was crazy because I couldn’t stop calling them. Little did I know… It was me that was in trouble. At the end of that week, I slept over at a college friend’s house. My aunt was out of town so I had to catch a lift with my friend. We quickly went to the garage for some snacks, which was only 2 blocks away from her house. When we drove back to her house, a block away from a house, I instinctively knew I should look behind me, and I saw a dodgy car following us. I knew right there something bad was going to happen and told my friend to step on it, but she wouldn’t listen. And in a split second the car pushed us of the road, 5 Nigerian men jumped out, surrounded our car and the one with the gun was at my door. My door wasn’t locked and as I jerked to lock the door… it was too late and the guy with the gun tried to pull me out of the car. Luckily I had my seat belt on so he couldn’t pull me out entirely. I then sent up a quick prayer asking God to save us. And right at that moment my friend started stepping on it while I was halfway out of the car. I heard a gun shot, and my friend sped away tires screeching on the road. But I was shot.

    I handled the situation well. Called my aunt, my uncle, found a hospital within two minutes and even ran into the hospital blood flowing down my legs. They stabilized me and I went in for an emergency operation to save my life. I was told I almost died. I was in a coma for one day and supposedly when I came out of the operation room and woke up and didn’t know where I am, I managed to fight of 4 big nurses who had to tie me to the hospital bed with straps and sedate me again so that I can calm down.

    We were told the police that way the 5 Nigerians pulled us off the road, they were clearly trying to abduct is…. Why… I don’t know. The case was never followed up and at the time I preferred it that way.

    I was in a very bad condition after I was shot. I almost lost my bladder. But miraculously I recovered so quick, the doctors were stunned. I started walking after 2 weeks which according to the doctors I should not have been able to do. Thus I heal quickly also like most RH Negative blood types. I also have been very healthy throughout my life and have no medical problems at all. Only when I was shot. But I remember when I was Little and more in tune with my psychic abilities I had a lot of allergies as well like most RH Negative blood types.

    I know I can’t run away from my psychic abilities anymore. Maybe this is the ‘Big Destiny” I always feel I have. So I’m trying to embrace it. It’s tough for me also because it goes against everything I believe as a Christian. It has come to a point where I also can’t get myself to go to church anymore because it feels like it’s all a lie. Like all this time humanity have been told a lie about how reality really is. I feel just like @Tom the last year. I have tried going to work but I can’t connect to people. I’m starting to be really sensitive, empathetic, and can always read between the lines, but it seems like people around me are so… empty. Like I’m also not connected to them and can’t understand the human race I encounter. I was never able to fit in anywhere and always turned out a victim of people trying to hurt me. People also are jealous of me for no apparent reason and it has affected my whole life badly. It has come to the point where try to avoid the kind of people I encounter daily because they all take advantage of my goodness. I always feel like I want to save the world from all evil and just spread love abundantly. Like I want to burst like a sun of love. I know it sounds strange but that’s how it is. This site is the first time that I come upon people who I can relate to and feel ‘normal’. I have become so depressed feeling like an outcast after trying for years so hard to fit in, finding out I never will! I am on the edge of being suicidal. But I won’t give up. I’ll never give up. I know we all have a destiny. Nothing is coincidence.

    Also what is really strange is that my mother can’t even remember what time I was born. My mother told me when going into labor, the doctor’s held me back for 1 week although I she was 9 months pregnant with me. For what? So that I could be born on a ‘planned’ day (Astrology) to have a certain personality and abilities. Both my names was also spelled wrong (Numerology). My mother told me the nurses spelled it wrong. Why? So that I could have a certain destiny or personality number? (And for all those ignorant Christians out there. Astrology and Numerology IS part of the Bible. The church just banned it. Do yourself a Cavour and go look at the Birth Char of Jesus Christ and compare it to a normal human beings birth chart) It can’t be a coincidence. It seems my whole life a higher entity are interfering with my life and playing with me like a puppet. I don’t know if it’s for better or for worse. And I won’t rest until I find the truth. By the way, my name means “True Image” and “Bringer of Victory”. Which also can’t be a coincidence since I am constantly trying to find the truth. But in the end… I refuse to be a puppet. It’s against the law of nature to be someones puppet and I will find the truth against all odds. I survived so much already… luckily for me… nothing can get worse at this point anymore. And I’m not afraid to die. I’ve been near to death and it’s nothing. Like a leaf in the wind when you come to that point. And God was with me. I felt him all around me and I told him I am ready to go. He can take me. But the next day I woke up, and I was still alive. Guess God’s plan for me is not done yet. There is a God, and there is Satan. I believe the knowledge we have given are just so twisted after being written down through all these thousand of years over and over again, that the whole story is written wrong. And we are told and believing lies. At the end, no matter what, God is most powerful.. I say this because I have experienced it over and over again. After all that I’ve been through, God has always protected me. And He will always protect me. No darkness or evil will touch me. God is Almighty. Nothing or no one is more almighty than Him.

    People have many theories of what this could be or mean. Why we have these abilities. Why we are so different. What makes us so different or special?! Why did God create us so different?! All that I have seen and made so far are speculations. I can’t afford to speculate anymore. I am going to study all I have found to be connected to this, or later on will find, I will go back to the original sources of all information I can find of thousands of years ago, and then in the end, all true original knowledge in hand, I will make my conclusion.

    I’m a survivor of darkness. And a em bracer of light. Psychic or not.

    May God be with you all and give you the same answers I am trying to seek.

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    This has opened my mind, being a sensitive person, dreamer, healer and smells others when cancer has set in. I do believe each of us that walks this earth has some kind of talent, or special senses, if your open and be aware of it.
    Where as it can be auditory,
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  230. Laurie on August 12th, 2015 6:23 pm

    It’s been awhile since I spoke my mind..but I can’t help but wonder why I have an extra vertabrae. Why is it just rh negative people that seem to have it or an extra rib. Isn’t that enough to confirm that we are hybrids. Just because we can’t see aliens, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If dinosaurs existed, why not aliens from different planets. They vibrate faster then us, so we can’t see them, unless they want us to. It’s hard to believe that earth is the only planet that has life. There are many different aliens. Some look like us, but more advance, and some not. We haven’t activated everything yet, because we don’t know how. Sometimes we learn without even knowing how…it just happens. We don’t have control, because we don’t have a teacher for hybrids. We are an experiment.

  231. valerie on August 21st, 2015 4:57 am

    Have been reading up on this rh negative topic which is very interesting for me, as I am also rh negative. I have the extra rib, the low blood pressure, hazel eyes that also can look green, which I always thought depended on the light, or the colours I wore.
    I am accutely empathic, which in today’s changing world can feel like a curse, though I am learning to discern. I have noticed an increase in my ‘knowing’ since 2011, when I seemed to suffer with chronic anxiety (or that’s what I thought it was). But in all honesty, I’m not sure what to make of this Alien connection. Still, it’s as good a theory as any out there, and if this is the case then it would explain why I have felt so alienated most of my life (excuse the pun), always felt different, quite happy to move alone than with numbers of people.

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    discovered hieroglyphics and clay tablets by the Sumerians who depicted images of UFOs and giants. He was able to find that they were visited by the Annunaki.
    Sitchin believed that they did mate with the Sumerians and out DNA was tampered with to make us more intelligent.

    Sitchin stated that his findings coincided with Genesis so I read Genesis again and it made sense. Genesis states that basically, fallen angels, came down and mated with fair women. Genesis also called them the, “Annuk.” So, it makes sense that Rh- people have mated with fallen angels. These aliens are nothing more than fallen angels.

    My son had a vision about 8 or 9 years old and told me after he got off the school bus, “Mommy we are going to get in WWIII with Russia.” I asked him how did he know that. He replied, “I just know.” There wouldn’t be any elementary school student that would have discussed this and it definitely would not have been discussed in school. Last year he didn’t remember this.

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    Have anyone experienced this before?

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  242. Leslie Green on July 10th, 2016 11:59 am

    Hi..type O – here.. just wanted to respond to a few commebts regarding allergies. Lately I have noticed myself becoming more aware of my body and the reaction it has to everything.. drugs and alcohol.. energy.. food especially..I feel my hear race after drinking sugar for example or after eating a meal i feel the food spreading into my body.. not necessarily a good or a bad thing I’m just aware . Even certain soap it Shampoo.. Smekls.. Toxins etc.. while undoubtedly some if these things are harmful..Ive noticed that my increased awareness does at times cause me to be fearful of what I’m experiencing only because its new.I make jokes about being in psycic puberty.. Its all adjusting to big changes occurring on levels I’m not accustomed to or understand. Just thought I’d share my experiences.

  243. Tonya on August 12th, 2016 1:02 pm

    Hey RH negs, have you ever y used you physic if mind and telepathy to put modern times and the past together. Like have you ever heard of GMO. Do you realize every species on on earth has its own bloodline, as the original humans of the planet would have a specific bloodline. Has nobody put together that history is changed by writtin word, science, and media. Would it not make sense to think hey, we are from m this world and that’s why we’re attuned to it, that’s why we can withstand many of the disease and we have such compassion for other b Inge because we do not want our world destroyed. And how bout the bible and how beings came down to take earth woman as wives and breed with them, did those beings have peniss or needle abduction always talk about probes. So then if earth woman were not producing children to the likeliness of these visitors, can you possible under stand that history repeats itself, and assume the starting taking the next best thing to breed so they could descend upon the planet for a little destruction and experimentation. Guess what monkeys do, a lot of sex, and violence for hierarchy, do you see a pattern. With the state of the world. Most RH negs produce 1-2 children a the norm. So I’m guessing a lot of social problems from 85% of the population come from aliens trying to bring the genetic tics of monkeys and their ancestors into huma mind stream. A science experiment to evolve a race of beings for whatever purposes they what to initiate upon them. So you have a molded “elite race” with etiquette and set skills of repetition and then you have the sex trade, and Roman shenanigans of watching them kill one anther for false $, and false image. So of course they want us to believe we’re form outer space and mutated because we’ll feel a surge of wander, I’ve read RH beg people born in the united states has a record with the CIA.l, and were being watched. I’m just hoping they can evolve quicker from the monkey blood they used to copy real humanoid DNA. bloodlines naturally evolved from spiritualism. Also, people get more informed with the media lies an RH neg mom can birth RH positive without the rhogam, it’s fear based propaganda, neg blood will attack pos baby blood for this to happen severe trauma would have to occur to the placenta for the mom blood toget to the baby. Rhogam can be helpful but essential its mandatory because they put mercury in the shoots which in turn attacks the mothers brain, it’s a dumbing down shot for the “alpha ” scientist and people who truly do want to control beings, I mean do any of you actually want to control others, that’s what I thought. P.s. Who’s to say the queen of England truly has beg blood line, to create an err of elitism. I’ve never been interested superiority, before I knew my bloodline I was absolutely in love with everyone and everything, now that I know about GMO and natural bloodlines I see the people amongst are the ones with the outside agenda. Thanks for reading a small dose of what my psyche is able to see as the veils are being lifted by our creator.

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