Channeling - What is it?

Channeling is the redirection of a message from the spirit world to the physical plane. An individual who channels is called a medium. Channeling in the spiritual realm follows the same criteria as it does in the physical world: the transmission of information.

The spirit world is infinite. In order for an individual to receive messages from that realm, the medium must sort the messages received. The term channeling is used to describe that process.

Some mediums channel information directly from the spiritual source. A wife wants to speak with her deceased husband. The medium will channel the message directly from the deceased husband to his wife.

Some mediums use spirit guides to assist them in their channeling. A spirit guide is an intermediary residing in the spirit realm that contacts the spirit of the individual being requested. The spirit guide would locate the deceased husbands energy field. Then the spirit guide interprets the message from the husband and sends it on to the medium. The medium then channels it through and informs the wife of her husband’s message.

Some mediums have personal spirit guides they rely upon exclusively. When the medium is called upon to channel, she then calls her specific guide to assist her. While other mediums rely on a more informal approach, they contact the spirit world and commune with an available spirit guide, then the next channeling session they commune with another available sprit guide, their choice is a non-exclusive spirit guide.

Another form of channeling is when the medium visits the sprit realm and contacts the requested spirit directly.Channeling occurs after the medium has obtained the knowledge first hand then she returns to the physical realm and channels the message. This is called trance channeling. The medium actually lets her spirit leave her body while she communes with the spirits.

The reverse of trance channeling is when the medium allows the spirit of the individual requested to enter her physical body. The medium removes her conscious thoughts aside in a sense she becomes the soul of the individual. Channeling occurs when the foreign spirit communicates their message on the physical realm through the physical body of the medium.

There are dangers associated with channeling. When medium channels information the door to the spiritual realm is opened. It is essential that a reputable medium police that opening carefully. Strong negative forces desire contact with the physical plane. If the medium is not careful, she may release these negative forces onto the physical plane while communing with her intended spirit. Spirit guides are helpful in limiting the bombardment of beings at the spiritual door. They become a spiritual bouncer, only letting the good spirits in to the room.

The other dangers of channeling are exposed to the medium. While in the trance state, whether visiting the spirit realm or letting the sprit visit her, certain risks arise. The physical wear and tear on the body while the medium is in a trance is great and there is a greater risk of spiritual attack. The medium’s spirit is vulnerable while they are in a trance.

Channeling is the only way a medium can commune with the spirit world and vice versa.

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