The Secret

The secret is a mystical philosophy pulled from inner knowledge that leads individuals to arrive at their full potential. Knowledge from the secret instills in an individual the capacity to become wiser, stronger, more compassionate and peaceful. The basis of the secret is founded on the thoughts of the Rosicrucian’s (Rose Cross). The secret does not adhere to any one standard of learning, but instead it takes into consideration all thoughts from philosophies, religions, cultures and spiritual teachings.

The philosophy promotes the concept of mastery of fate. This puts the burden of success on the individual. The constraints of society, class level, or geographical location should not prevent an individual to acquire their full potential. If a person is successful it’s because they chose the right path to success. If an individual is not successful the path they chose led them there. Mastery of fate says that the universal knowledge is present and it only takes the initiative from the individual to seek it.

Yet, the secret is a formal line of study. The student follows a set practice of learning and it is the inner potential that will drive the student to the knowledge they seek. All of the areas of study are presented to the students. The universal knowledge available to them and their inner wisdom will lead them to their special area of study. For example, an individual’s potential is to become more spiritual and then become a spiritual leader. The student of the secret would not be attracted to the study of politics, philosophies or civil matters, but their inner urgings would lead them to study spirituality in depth.

Initially, only a select few were chosen to learn the secret. It was not considered a formal study for the masses and the common man was not spiritually enlightened enough to benefit from its teachings. Leonardo DaVinci, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Michael Faraday, Ella Wheeler Wilcox and Marie Corelli are a few members of the Rosicrucian society (the secret). This is a secret society and its members use specific symbols and codes to identify one another lending to the mystique of its name, the secret.

Today, there are numerous organized societies that promote the teachings of the secret. The Freemason’s, Catholic Orders, Orders of Nuns, The Sophia Guild, and Rose Cross order are only handful of the number of orders that promote the secret. Initiation and acceptance into these orders follows strict guidelines and protocol. The individual must pass the emphasis of the order they wish to become a member. For example, a non-catholic would not be permitted entry into a catholic order. Their studies are strictly catholic based and enlightenment will be brought to those individuals interested in that area of study.

Where the secret use to be just that, a secret, and its popularity across the globe has increased. Organizations are developing their own secret orders and recruiting members. The acceptance of mysticism as a guide for learning has become a mainstream thought, where in the past it was considered out of the realm of common thought. With such an open focus on the secret and its philosophy soon the secret will no longer be hidden.

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