About Educational Articles on the Paranormal

Educational articles on the paranormal are increasing in number. The paranormal experience is being documented with more credibility, but still has far to go. The limiting factor of credible educational article on the paranormal is the test and measures used. The scientific method is the standard to prove physical properties. It is a proven law, that if an object is dropped off of a building, the object will fall to earth from the pull of gravity. This law is absolute.

The paranormal do not follow the same physical laws. Drop a ghost off a building and try to record what occurs.
The paranormal are building a stockpile of tests/measure that will follow the rules of the spirit realm and more educational articles on the paranormal refer to those new standards.

The key to providing credible educational articles on the paranormal is reproducibility. This is when under certain circumstances the paranormal will act a certain way. This reproducibility has been fairly consistent when the correct measuring device is used. For example, it has been documented concurrently that a room will have a dip in temperature when a spiritual entity is presence, commonly refereed to as cold spots.

The skeptic’s dictionary is a compilation of terms, definitions and information concerning the paranormal. The book is used for a critical thinking process focusing on the paranormal. The skeptic’s dictionary is an educational resource for the study of the paranormal. It attempts to quantify meanings into researchable information.

PSI explorer is a resource that identifies colleges/universities that offer paranormal studies, which include online coursework. The formal education of the paranormal presence gives the student a foundation of knowledge as it relates to paranormal experiences and not a loosely based curriculum.
Supernatural News is a vast resource of paranormal links online. Supernatural news is loaded with educational articles on paranormal experiences and it is updated frequently with current articles.
The Fortean Times is a hyped resource online, but it does have a vast archive of educational paranormal articles that follow proofs of the existence of the paranormal.

The committee for skeptical inquiry is ruthless in their ability to relate the paranormal experience without bias. The committee for skeptical inquiry uses the scientific method when proving/disproving the presence of the paranormal.

Paranormal is general term to label a vast range of supernatural occurrences and to intelligently research educational articles on the paranormal it is best to narrow the search pertaining to interest. The most common studies of the paranormal are the study of ghosts (spectrology), the study of unidentified objects (Ufology), the study of psychic phenomena (parapsychology), the study of demons (demonology) and the study of the stars (astrology). In all of these resources educational articles on the paranormal reveal details specific to that field of study.

Educational articles on the paranormal attempt to quantify organize and educate students of the paranormal. The tools and devices used to measure the presence of the paranormal have become more inline with the testing measure needed. With each generation of knowledge base increasing, the credibility of the paranormal also increases.

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