Bedroom Color Feng Shui

The strongest bedroom color for Feng shui is blues and greens. These are calming colors and will promote the most restful nights sleep in the optimal conditions. Colors from the earth are suggested, as they will ground the individual in the bed. This promotes a solid nights rest. But, if the bedroom is not properly located, for example, if the bedroom is on top of a garage or opened area, chi may flow downward away from the floor.

To counterbalance this, the element of strength in that area is needed. For example, if the bedroom is placed over a garage, place the color red to counterbalance the pull of the metal car and the fire from the gasoline. If the bedroom is atop an open air area, and not near the ground then elements of earth are needed for counterbalance.

Green plants and earth tones will then strengthen the chi if air is between the bedroom and the ground. If the bedroom is over the kitchen, add water elements to the bedroom to prevent chi from flowing toward the pull of water from the kitchen. The four elements fire, earth, metal and water all need to be balanced for chi to flow properly. No one space is balanced the same way, as it is the placement of the room that needs to be considered before adding the missing elements.

Another important consideration in a properly balanced Feng shui bedroom is placement of the bed. The foot of the bed should never face an open door. The chi will flow out from the body creating a dead or low energy. When prone, an individual should never be able to see their reflection in a mirror, as chi will be less powerful. If the bed is sitting next to a wall where the water pipes are flowing or the bathroom is next to it, it needs to be counterbalanced with water elements.

The bed linens should be welcoming, stress reducing and simple. Individual tastes vary as to what visually calms the mind. Soothing colors, and textures will allow the body to de-stress to the individuals definition of simple, but the overall impression of the bed linens should be calming and promote a relaxing nights rest.

Proper lighting is important in Feng shui and lighting in the bedroom should endorse a warmth light. Candlelight is more desirable than fluorescent light. Fluorescent lighting is energetic while candlelight is calming and serene.

Remove all sharp corners or angles that will prevent the flow of chi. If these angles can not be removed, then paint them or place the color green next to them. Placing a green chair, curved vase, or potted plant at an angle against a sharp corner will redirect chi back into the room for a continuous flow. The concept is to not let chi get stuck from flowing.

Whatever relationship is desired is also important in Feng Shui colors for the bedroom. If the room is shared, calm colors placed in pairs and balanced will promote a calm, dual relationship. For example, two jade statues, equal in size, placed side by side accordingly, will reflect a relationship of the same strength.

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