Chi is the ever-present energy that infiltrates the entire universe. Chi resides in individuals and it resides in the space between objects. Chi is a spiritual force that is continually changing as the equilibrium of the individual changes. Balancing Chi is important for the physical body, the mind and the environment.

To balance the mind, Chi is harnessed through the use of meditation. Meditative techniques can range from five minutes of relaxation to a more advanced program such as Transcendental Meditation. Even a simple breathing technique of concentrating on the rhythm of air entering and exiting the body aligns the chi. The mind reacts to the balance and the physiology of the body as it reacts to the slowed breathing. The results are reduced stress and lowered blood pressure. The stresses of modern living and the ability of an individual to overlook their center cause mental fatigue and physical illness if the Chi is not properly aligned.

Chi is used to create a healthy physical body by rhythmic movements, posture and proper breathing. Tai Chi (a slow rhythmic movement, proper breathing) and Kung Fu (vigorous physical movement, proper breathing) are two examples of physical regimes that harness Chi, but they are not exclusive. Sitting straight in a desk chair while at work, centering the body over the chair and slow, rhythmic stretching of the neck and arms is a subtler approach to harnessing Chi and it is as effective as Tai Chi and Kung Fu when it is not possible to practice those techniques.

Chi may be off center if the environment is not harmonious. Feng Shui quantifies the placement of objects to regain a balanced Chi. For example; placement of door and stairwells is significant. If the door is located directly in front of the stairwell the Chi will flow outside. The interior will have a low energy and low harmony. If the door or the stairwell is placed off center to each other, the Chi will be able to circulate in the room and create a harmonious environment.

The Chi energy between discordant objects depletes the mind and the body of its Chi and will even affect the afterlife of the individual. Locating the proper burial plot and respecting the constraints of Feng Shui will allow the individual to prosper in the afterlife. If the burial plot does not honor the correct placement the individual will have a negative, ill-fated afterlife.

Chi is a predominate consideration in Chinese traditional medicine. While physicians treat physical ailments with medications, acupuncture and acupressure have a solid reputation for healing physical illnesses. The placing of hair thin needles along an individual’s body is done primarily to realign their chi in acupuncture. And, the laying on of hands to realign Chi is accomplished through acupressure.

Chi must be balanced along all three levels of an individual. If any one area is off balance, it will have a negative pull on the other two. For optimal Chi balance this means the spirit, body and environment must work to together to gather the ever-present force of Chi.

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