Symbols from Guardian Angels

Symbols from guardian angels are sent to human beings for guidance, healing and warning. The key is to tap into the symbols and become aware of their occurrence. Guardian angels are present for all human beings. Being able to receive the protection and knowledge from a guardian angel is the beginning to understanding the symbols they send to us.

The first step in understanding a symbol is to become familiar with the your guardian angel. Daily interaction with your angel will lead to an easier interpretation when your guardian angel wishes to communicate in the form of symbols. If you do not yet know your guardian angel, then call to them. They are there for your protection and guidance and they are waiting for you.

Symbols from guardian angels are communicated in dreams, daydreams and intuition that cannot be dismissed. The guardian angel will communicate in symbols so the thought process is not registered as ordinary thinking. The guardian angel wants to get the attention of the mind in order to communicate something of great importance. Symbols from guardian angels can be categorized between common/standard, individual or symbols from a departed loved one.

The common/standard symbols are universal symbols. For example, your guardian angel has sent the symbol of hands to you. This vision of hands does not leave your conscious thought. Become receptive to the hands and ask why they were sent. The answer will be in the form of some kind of devotion. Whatever obstacle is present in your life at that time will be healed from devotion.

Common symbols and their meaning:
Bees-resurrection, recovering from illness,
Birds-souls, and rededication to faith,
Drapery covering object-sadness, grieving, mourning,
Rock-stability, Christ’s solidity,
Sunset-death, death of a situation
Sunrise-birth, birth of a situation
Flower buds-renewal, new beginnings
Wreath—success, eternity.
Bouquet-grief, sympathy
Cedar-unwavering faith
Flower-premature death, premature death of a situation
Ivy-friendship, commonality

A more specific symbol for the guardian angel is one that uses individual symbols. For example, the individual drives a red car; they love that red car, take special care of it. Their guardian angel sends a symbol of the red car being destroyed. This will be interpreted as love destroyed. The symbol of the red car equals love due to the emotional attachment from the individual.

Another common symbol a guardian angel uses is objects that were close to a deceased loved one. If the symbol of a pipe appears in a dream or daydream and the pipe is a significant part of that dream and the individual’s father smoked a pipe, the guardian angel is relaying that the deceased father wishes to communicate with the individual. The individual needs to focus on the pipe symbol, concentrate on the message from it and let the mind open up to the answer. The guardian angel will facilitate the message from the symbol and the individual will then get their answer.

Guardian angels communicate in symbols when the message is of great importance. The messages should not be overlooked as simple dreams; daydreams or aberrant thoughts, to do so would deprive the individual of spiritual communication with their guardian angel.

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