Real Ghost Sightings

Real ghost sightings have been reported across the globe, cross culturally and mentioned in historical recording. Real ghost sightings are those that are documented by a type of scientific means or the paranormal activity cannot be explained away with scientific means.

The difficulty in proving real ghost sightings is that ghosts are spiritual entities visiting the physical realm. By virtue of their definitions, these two worlds do not exist in the same plane. The litmus test for a spirit does not always translate into scientific terms. With that limiting factor acknowledged there are some simple techniques to document the real ghost sighting.

A digital camera can be used to record the presence of a real ghost. The photograph will display the spiritual presence, as bright circular orb of light. The presence these orbs must not be damage to camera lens, condensation on the lens or distortions from lights sources such as the sun or internal light from the room. Once the physical factors have been eliminated, documentation of a real ghost sighting is then acknowledged.

The hand held video camera has captured flash points of light that have no physical explanation. The lens was not obscured; the object floated across the field of vision from no apparent source. Usually a ghost sighting was reported and then documentation is attempted to prove the sighting. The real ghost sighting is then recorded. The limiting factor with the hand held camera is that it cannot record the physical sense that a ghost is present. The invisible force that is felt as if another presence is in the room.

A temperature-measuring device can be used to measure cold spots in a room. Real ghost sightings report that certain areas of a room have a dip in temperature when a ghost appears. Documented cases of several degree ranges with no apparent physical reason are credited with being supernatural. If there is no draft, open window, or unheated room present to explain the drop in temperature of the room the credit goes to the presence of a real ghost. The presence of a real ghost sighting is then documented by the change in temperature in the room. A limiting factor of documenting a real ghost sighting is the sense of smell. Numerous accounts of a spiritual presence that was invisible had a distinct odor. Sometimes pleasant and sometimes not, the presence of the odor was not associated with any physical reason. For example, the scent of fresh flowers during a winter month with all of the windows closed. This would be documented as a paranormal sighting.

An auditory device may be used to record real ghosts by the sounds they make. Ghosts are prone to certain frequencies. If an unexplainable sound is recorded and all other physical limiting factors such as static, background interruptions or noise, then the unexplainable sound is credited to the presence of a real ghost.

Documenting the presence of real ghost sightings is limited by the devices used to detect a ghost’s presence. The spiritual realm does not follow the rules of the physical realm and the lack of credible testing measures in no way negates the presence of real ghosts, it only limits our ability to measure their presence.

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