Warlock Magic Spells

Warlock magic spells are cast by men. Warlocks are male witches. The spells they cast carry the same significance of witch (female) spells, with a focus toward the masculine instead of the feminine. Warlocks cast spells of protection, guidance, or for yearly rituals/holidays. While witchcraft has been associated with women, warlocks (male practitioners of witchcraft) have a presence in the craft.

The warlock will have an alter or worship area in their personal space the same as a witch. The warlock will gather tokens, amulets, incense, candles and talismans that create the power and comfort for them. Warlocks will modify some spells to account for the masculine side of their nature, but the ultimate spell magic from a warlock is the same as that for a witch.

Protection spells are cast for the warlock’s safety from negative spiritual forces and negative physical forces. They will use the standard protection spell that includes three white candles, incense and if the spell is being cast for someone other than the warlock, a photo of the person or their name written on a piece of white paper.

The warlock will light the candles that have been placed in a triangle. Either the warlock of the token of the person receiving the protection spell will be placed in the center of the white candles. The warlock will light the incense (his chosen scent, this is a personal choice) and call upon the spirits for protection. This spell is neither masculine nor feminine. The warlock will not need to modify the spell for gender. A protection spell calls upon the universal force of good to protect the recipient.

Certain herbs are considered masculine in force: anise, basil, betony, chamomile, cinnamon, mint, parsley, pepper, rosemary, sage, St. john’s wort, and wormwood. These herbs will be used when the warlock wants to modify a spell.

If the warlock needs a fertility spell, then he would target the spell towards his gender. He would gather two red candles, musk oil, red satin cloth, and one of the masculine scents listed above either in candle, incense or oil form. The two red candles represent the couple. He will place the candles on the red cloth. He will drip the musk oil over the wick of the candle before lighting it. Then the warlock will light the candles from a single source (one match, one lighter), placing them side-by-side.

Then he will ignite the incense and circle the smoke around his physical frame with the incense. Once this is done, he will place the incense close to himself and the two red candles. He will then call upon the spirits to increase his fertility. Changing these thoughts over in his mind. The meditation time varies per individual, but it should take at least ten minutes to assure proper spiritual support. The warlock will blow out the candles, let the incense burn to the end, and store the supplies in the red cloth until used again. The warlock should copy this ritual for seven days.

Warlock magic spells are performed by men and in certain cases are gender specific, but the act of spell casting is neither male nor female.

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