Spells For Beginning Witches

Spells for beginner witches should be taken seriously. Spells are not parlor games or means of entertainment. Spells are the focused energy of a spiritual thought. Spells for beginner witches should be limited to protection spells and spells to call the spirits.

The beginner witch is similar to a child beginning school. The beginner witch would not be expected to have the same knowledge as someone completing his or her years of schooling. With that said, the following are simple spells the beginner witch may use.

Protection spells are intended for the castor or another individual. Protection spells place their focus on physical as well as spiritual protection. To cast a protection spell, the beginner witch must first prepare the altar. The altar need only be a spiritually clean space and does not need to be elaborate. Light two candles on each side, they must be white. A personal item from the individual or a personal item of their own is to be placed between the two candles.

The beginner may or may not bind the item with hemp. This is a ritualistic measure to bind whatever is wished upon the other. The witch then needs to clear their mind of negative thoughts, they should focus on the purity of positive forces and the well being of the person the spell is intended.

The witch continues to chant in their thoughts proactive words such as, surrounding them with white power, covering them with benevolence from the sprit world. The beginner may even used detailed instruction, please protect me from harm while I drive to work today or please protect Mary from physical harm. Once the chant is finished, the witch should light the item from both flames of the candle and wait until the item is ashes. This is done so a negative force cannot infiltrate the personal item once the protection spell is cast.

A beginner witch my cast a spell to call the spirits. The reason to do this is for spiritual guidance. To cast the spell, the witch takes three white candles and creates a triangle with them. She lights them, then sits in the center of the triangle. She sends her mind to a clear place of welcoming and serenity. Some witches sit cross legged, some on their knees the choice is individual, but he effect should be a tightly focused body. She then calls to the spirits of good. At this point, some beginner witches will be introduced to their sprit guide. This guide will accompany them on all of their spiritual journeys.

Television and movies has portrayed the modern witch as an all powerful, glamorous being that can destroy major cities or create famine and pestilence globally. This portrayal is not what witches and spell casting are about. To the serious witch, the spell is a vehicle for divine purposes. The beginner witch has chosen this path in order to become closer to God. The spells chosen for the beginner will assist them on this path.

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