Spells From The Real Book Of Shadows

Spells from the real book of shadows cannot be purchased from the local bookstore. The book of shadows is a compilation of personal spells, chants, lists of herbs and other miscellaneous information that an individual uses for the practice of witchcraft. Originally, the book of shadows received its name when witches were persecuted for their craft. The witch used the Theban alphabet to code their writings. When the book was discovered the mystique of the coded words only added to the witches persecution. The books became known as the book of shadows.

To receive the most power from spells contained in the book of shadows the practitioner must create their own book. No standard requirement is needed, but the book of shadows should be sturdy, as it will be used frequently. Common book of shadows are compiled in ring binders with pages that may be removed or added. The cover of the book consists of trinkets or keepsakes that have special meaning to the individual. These special keepsakes give the individual a clear spiritual frequency. The real book of shadows should please the spirit of the person creating it.

Even though the book of shadows is a personal account of an individual’s practice of witchcraft there are certain spells that are common to most books. Protection spells are used daily for the practicing witch. Each witch will have her own version of a protection spell. The most common protection spells are fire, house, spells to protect objects and others. While these are common spells the practitioner will modify the spell until they find one that works for them. Protection spells have an infinite source of subject matter. Where one witch will need protection from a stalker another might only need protection from bad dreams.

The witch to focus spiritual energy uses chants from the book of shadows. These are spoken aloud and follow a certain rhythm and rhyme. The personal tastes of the practitioner will decide which chants they will use. Some like more traditional sounding chants, if the practitioner is a Wicca the law of three will be included in their book of shadows. Chants to honor the cycle of the moon, call to the spirits and invoking personal power are common chants in most book of shadows. Chanting is used to increase power of the witch’s spell.

An important addition to the book of shadows is the witch’s preference for certain herbs and oils. This list will dominate the choice of herbs used for spells recorded in their book. Common herbs listed in the book of shadows are cinnamon; bay leaf and cardamom seeds used together will give the individual self-confidence. Lavender (oil and blossoms), sage, basil, patchouli—essential oils, and olive, sunflower or almond oil when combined provide great positive energy, outpouring of love and acceptance from the giver and receiver.

The witches after experimenting with these oils and herbs will find one they prefer. One witch may not like the odor of almond oil and prefers the odor and consistency of olive oil. While one witch has a distaste for the scent of patchouli and prefers the scent of basil. The ingredients decided upon are as important as the qualities of the herbs and oils.

Spells from the real book of shadows are as individual as the witch that practices from it.

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