Spells To Control Fire

Spells to control fire are used for many reasons, but the most common and productive reasons are for training and celebration. The serious spell caster knows that fire is not to be controlled; it is to be respected. Even though a spell seems to be controlling the manner of fire, an inexperienced fire spell castor can cause great damage similar to a camper leaving an unattended campfire. The results are the same, fire destroys instead of invigorates.

A beginning spell caster will use a spell to control fire as a tool to strengthen there casting abilities. An example of a simple fire-casting spell is to have the beginner place a lit candle in the center of an uncluttered table.

The beginner should focus on the tip of the candle and watch the flame for several moments. They should then concentrate on altering the flame, make it surge, then dim, move back and forth. To manipulate the flame with the thought process takes a measure of practice, but the results are immediately tangible. The beginner actually sees the flame being altered by their mind.

A fire spell is also used for achieve greater clarity in a situation or life choice. The castor builds a fire, clear their mind; call on their spirit guides if they use one, then focus on the flames of the fire. Deep reflective thought on which direction to go is replayed in the thoughts of the spell castor. Some will see visible clues in the flames and some will receive their illumination through their spirit guides, and some will get their message as a flash-thought. The result is that the fire spell led them to their truth.

Fire spells are used for celebrations in addition to individual enlightens. The summer solstice is a pagan holiday that is widely celebrated and the fire purification spell is the prefect choice to celebrate nature at her peak. This fire purification spell is cast outside, with other members (covens) and it is an interactive spell. The fire purification spell is positive and up beat, bright foliage, participants wear bright clothing. The spell is done by calling on the gods/goddesses, chanting in rhythm, and casting a final message of good will and prosperity for the coming season.

The more advanced practitioners of fire spells use the metaphorical or symbolic approach. They surround their energy field with the power of fire. The positive attributes associated with fire accompany them through out their life’s journey. This spell is also used as a protection against negative elements reaching the individual.

They invoke their fire spell as a blanket of spiritual power and protection. The spell is simple. The individual need only visualize the presence of fire surrounding their being and protecting them. The visualization will only match the degree of faith in the individual. It takes years of practice to achieve an impenetrable wall of fire, but the goal is worth pursuing.

People who cast fire spells do so with the knowledge that whatever they cast they will receive back three fold. It is the rare occasion when a fire spell is intended for destruction or malice, to do so would cause greater harm to the castor.

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