The Pentagram

The Pentagram is a star with five points centered inside a circle. It is sometimes drawn with a man; arms and legs outstretched covering each point of the star. For such a simple symbol it has continued to cause great controversy. It is the interpretation of the symbol that causes the disturbance. Some view the pentagram as a symbol of evil; others view it as a valid religious symbol, while others view it as a symbol of mythology.

Pythagoras viewed the five points of the star as the psyche (head), air, earth, water and fire. The circle containing the five elements (points) unifies the elements. All of the elements are placed in balance in order for man to survive. The pentagram was used for healing both the mind and the body as opposed to use in religious rights.

During the renaissance Christians wore the pentagram as a holy symbol. The five points and the star represented the divine, while the man centered represented Christ. The point above the head represented the Holy Spirit that covers man and god. The pentagram contained all of the religious symbolism of the Christian religion in a single symbol.

The freemasons use the pentagram as a symbol of their order. The pentagram’s meaning leans more toward the ancient Greek philosophy that the elements are used and need to be balanced. Man is at the center of this balance. Some link to hermetic freemason’s that view the pentagram as a religious symbol exits in the freemason’s logic, but it is more use for historical reference than as a religious symbol.

The pentagram is used in the tarot as one of the suites called pentacles. In this instance the pentagram represents material possessions, higher intellect and mankind at its highest manifestation. While used it is not used as a religious symbol, it is the last suit of the Tarot deck and represents the highest level of accomplishments.

The pentagram symbol is used in pagan religions and depending on the religion it may have the point set at the bottom. The man is not usually used in the pentagram for the pagans. In some sects of Wicca, a horned god is placed in the center and the point is downward. The pentagram is used as a tool for rituals, casting spells, and divination.

Placing the point downward has led to the interpretation that the pentagram is an evil device. It is believed that Satanists place the point at the bottom and therefore, anyone that uses a pentagram with the point downward is evil.

The theory that the freemasons are in reality Satanists is derived from the use of their blazing star. The star places the point downward. While no evidence has ever been documented that the freemasons practice devil worship, the interpretation of the placement of the point leads some to believe they do.

The evolution of the pentagram continues to create disturbances during the time period of the culture examining them and their meaning. The only absolute is that the pentagram despite these shifts in perspective continues to exist.

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