The Wicca Alphabet and Its Symbols

The Wicca alphabet is made up of twenty-four symbolic letters that represent each letter of the alphabet. Four letters of the alphabet are merged into two Wicca symbols. The letters U, V represent one symbol and the letters I, J represent the other one. In addition to the letters, the Wicca alphabet uses a symbol to end sentences with instead of a period and symbols are used replace numbers. The Wicca alphabet is believed to be derived from the Theban alphabet around the year 1531.

Wiccan symbols were used for protection from religious persecution. Wiccas thought that by coding their doctrine, spells, and correspondences to other Wiccas it would protect them when it actually had the exact opposite outcome. Religious persecutors discovered their symbols and writings in books commonly referred to as book of shadows. The mysterious writings of the Wicca alphabet were interpreted as evil. It was thought that the Wicca alphabet and symbols were proof that Wiccas were Satanists. The symbols were used as tangible evidence against the Wicca’s when it was intended to protect them.

To decipher the code it is best to write each letter of the alphabet next to the symbol it represents. Then it is just a matter of replacing each letter of the alphabet with the corresponding symbol. To write a message using the Wicca alphabet replace the letter of the alphabet with its corresponding symbol.

Remember to put the letters U, V and I, J next to their equivalent symbol. When deciphering a code and the symbols for U, V and I, J are found, decoding gets a little tricky. If the word is four letters long and the first three letters have been decoded, then it’s easier than starting with the symbol that represents the two letters. For example, the four letter word decoded so far is, ?-u-m-p. The missing letter would be J to reveal j-u-m-p and not replaced with the letter I.

The Wicca alphabet can also be modified for use as an individual code. If a practitioner would want to keep a spell secret, even from other Wiccas, they could rearrange the wiccan symbols randomly. The new symbols would be specific to them. They could record their spells, thoughts and other writings that would not be able to be decoded with the standard sheet listings.

The Wicca alphabet is still used more for ritualistic purposes than for fear of religious persecution. Certain spells require secrecy. For example, a love spell is cast and the name of the intended is written on a piece of paper. The requester of the spell can only view the name on the paper for the spell to work and then it must be burned on the doorstep of the intended. It is much safer to write the name in wiccan symbols rather than risk ruining the spell.

Practitioners of Wicca carve their symbols on candles, amulets, talismans and keepsakes. Wicca spells, rituals and theologies do not need to be written in the Wicca alphabet, but if it is it can lead to a deeper religious experience for the Wicca.

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