Teleportation is the transfer of a physical object (matter) from one location to another through space. The concept of teleportation is a provocative idea commonly illustrated in books and movies. A mad scientist places himself in a transport box, pushes a series of buttons then transports to another location. This teleportation theory states that the individual was transported from its original matter then put together again at the designated destination using his original matter.

The mechanics on the theory of transportation have concrete grounding in quantum physics. In theory it is possible to record a body’s information, disassemble the information, transfer the code through space then the code is unraveled and another version of the body is assembled using matter from that location. The nagging question becomes is this newly located body of matter the same as the original. One debate is yes. If the information was recorded exactly as is and the message is sent and received, then physically it is the same. But, the other argument is that the original matter cannot be duplicated to originality.

The body at the transported location, while similar is not the same as the original. Then there is the thought of creating two identical bodies of matter. The original is decoded, code sent to another location, the body is assembled using the matter at that location and two identical bodies are formed.
Quantum physics only has a foundation in one of these theories on teleportation. The original body is destroyed, the message coded, then transported to a distant location, then assembled. The result is one transported body that used information from an original body.

This limitation of teleportation through Quantum physics is being looked at by think tanks. Einstein/Podolsky/Rosen’s view of the uncertainty principle limited the concept of teleportation. By viewing matter it will change its purpose, but new thoughts on Einstein/Podolsky/Rosen have opened up the technique on how to observe matter without destroying its originality. They propose to only take enough information from a body that is needed to code it, then the untouched matter will transport with its original code.

Successful attempts of teleportation have been accomplished at the atomic level using photons, ions, fields of light and nuclear spinning. While these attempts are far removed from teleporting a human body, the theory behind it is the same only exponentially more complicated.

A less popular view of teleportation is to move objects to another location using the force of the mind. The individual would concentrate on an object, visualize it elsewhere and the object would reappear at that location. While this view is as possible in theory as teleportation being supported by physics, teleportation by the mind has not had the emphasis of study on it as the hard science look.

Teleportation does not limit the body to time or space. In theory a body could be transported to a parallel dimension, another time period or another universe. This would also allow for figures from the past to dwell in our current time period. With the scientific community receptive to the theory of teleportation the scenario of the mad scientist floating through space may become a reality in the future.

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